The movie "Safe" is hot shot "Women" Zhou Weizhen, I loves the mountain rice.

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The movie "Safe" is hot shot "Women" Zhou Weizhen, I loves the mountain rice.

2022-01-15 00:05:06 12 ℃

Zhou Weizhen received an interview with a reporter. Reporter Wu Dana

On January 12th, under the warm sun in winter, the movie "The Thorns" "The" Safe "of the Mountain Film Festival is hot. On the afternoon, when the reporter arrived at the scene, starring Zhou Weizhen and Pang Yu and others were shooting a "Grand Third" riding the drama. A white dress, tall, the female protagonist Zhou Weizhen is very bright in a group. "This is the first time I came to like the mountain. I ate the picture of the mountain specialty rice, and I was too delicious! Waiting for the play to kill, I have to eat a seafood." Zhou Weizhen said.

"The Stunner Mission" has adapted from the Korean high-box office movie "Feng Yijin Xianda" story, telling the five generations of chaos, the traitor only hand covering the sky, a folk Grand Theft Authority in a variety of stunts quietly raised, against the dark power. Zhou Weizhen bluntly said that this is a strong drama, a rhythm, a plot ring, and it is very good to fight, which is very well in line with the taste of the young audience. "I played a woman in the 'Grand Theft Theft, I am very cool every time," she revealed. "

As a result, Zhou Weizhen has taken a lot of film and television works, which is mainly played, so this time to play a woman in the costume, it is quite challenging to her. It is also very energetic. "I will try it before, it is more casual, now you want to take some roles that you can accept from your heart. After you finish this drama, I believe will provide valuable experience to me to shape other characters in the future."

On the same day, I need to shoot the "Grand Theft Legion" to ride the city, Zhou Wei is slightly cautious. She explained to the reporter: "When I took a play, I have encountered the riding of the riding. At that time, I was really afraid that I was really fearful to the horseback riding." But even if you have a shadow, At the shooting scene, Zhou Weizhen still insisted that it didn't have to take a riding drama. A simple out of the city drama, the director group excellence has taken 5 times. After the horse, Zhou Weizhen has a successful gesture against the reporter.

The play is rigorous, and Zhou Weizhen outside the play is very affinity, there is no idol burden. The Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger is approaching, and Zhou Weizhen said that his New Year's wish is to better manage yourself from the body and ideas, and interpret a more challenging role in excellent status. Reporter Wu Danna correspondent Wu Xioneang