Zhang Dawei responded and Jiang Fan Zhi Wen: Ali has already explained

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Zhang Dawei responded and Jiang Fan Zhi Wen: Ali has already explained

2022-01-15 00:04:24 13 ℃

On January 14, Zhang Dawei released a new video in the short video platform. As usual, many netizens and fans ran to the commentary message. One netizen asked Zhang Dabu, the rumor before the comment area, did not expect this The comments have been responded to Zhang Dagu.

Some netizens commented in Zhang Dawei's new release short video commented: "said that when it is not a gossip, it will give you a meeting? Is it?"回 回: "Ali has already explained".

Zhang Dawei referred to Ali in the reply, and responded again to the gorgeous and Ali Jiang Fan.

In the comment area, there are netizens who are dead in the message: "Push it to Jiang Fan,".

Zhang Dawei responded again to Jiang Fan's gossip, still let many netizens dissatisfied, some netizens directly reply to Zhang Daxie said: "Then you will eat with people" "Then you have a fan to the fan?", Even netizens The reply is questioned, and the message is said to be said: "The original Ali can represent you", and some netizens will directly ask Zhang Dawei and Jiang Fan's melon still have follow-up: "Do you marry Jiang Fan?".

In April 2020, some netizens shouted Zhang Dawei in Weibo, let Zhang Daqi people recruit her husband, otherwise it is welcome, then, the identity of the netizen is put out, it is the wife of Ali's high-rise, two people. Youth is a woman.

Jiang Fan's wife shouting Zhang Dawei quickly triggered the hot discussion of users, forced the external pressure, Jiang Fan apologized to the company and colleagues, in order to self-evidence, I hope that the company can investigate him.

This matter has caused great influence on Ali, which affects Ali and Zhang Dawei's share price. Ali also made a record of Jiang Fan, downgrade, and canceled Ali Hericone identity.

After that, some netizens slammed the photos of Zhang Dagu and Jiang Fan to eat together.

In addition, according to Jiang Fan's wife, I have been divorced with Jiang Fan.

Although Zhang Dawei and Jiang Fan's gossip often some people mentioned, the parties have not responded for a long time, Zhang Dawei's rare reply netizen's comment, did not expect to turn it again, still chasing it by netizens.