Cao Yunjin's ex-wife Tang Yan recently exposed, and the daughter's interactive scene was warm, and the color tattoo was very bright.

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Cao Yunjin's ex-wife Tang Yan recently exposed, and the daughter's interactive scene was warm, and the color tattoo was very bright.

2022-01-15 00:04:44 32 ℃

Recently, the actress Tang Yu released a short video on a social short video platform, and the video of Tang Yu and her daughter combined with a creative finger dance, and attached the topic "Daily's daily", show us Her daily dynamics. Tang Yu as a fade of female artists appeared in this way, care about her netizens to see her happiness.

In this video we can see that Tang Yu's daughter is attached to the mother's back, his right hand holds his mother's shoulder, revealing a bright and clear eyes, making a smile. The little daughter's appearance is delicate, and it is a little delicious, quite cute. The daughter's length is very similar to his father Cao Yunjin, especially the landmark nose, almost the same as him. The Central Tang, who is in the center, sitting at one place, the left hand changed from time to time, and the gauze is wrapped in the right hand, placed on the waist. The eyes of the eyes face, with confidence full of love. She combed the head of the mear, wearing a black print dress, and the exquisite beauty, and the spirit. The back is placed in the cabinet in the background, which looks good for extraordinary. The whole picture is warm and comfortable, and the mother has a full love of her daughter, and I also saw the state of Tang Yu.

Netizens gave a message in the comments, and admire Tang Yu's beauty and daughter. Some said: "The good-looking person is so beautiful." Another netizen said: "There is a little cute behind." Tang Yu also replied to the netizens, thanked their attention and praise.

The eye-catching is the tattoo on the Tang chest and the gauze coated in the hand. According to Tang Rong, her hand did hurt, but there was no impact on her spiritual state, I hope she will heal in the injury in her hand. The red tattoo before Tang Yan is not recently, and we can see this tattoo in her dynamics. The tattoo content is a long character, which is horizontal, which is presented below the osteo. This tattoo should be impossible for her.

Tang Yu is an actor and an ex-wife of Cao Yunjin, an intercouched actor. She is a versatile actor. When the childhood period, she arrived at Shenyang. She was entered into Shenyang International Art School. She was recommended to enter the central national song and dance group to learn national dance, and she has made her tough personality since childhood began to learn dance.

Tang Yu graduated from the Beijing Film Academy, showing "Peach Blossom Bloom", "The Legend of Shanhai Jing", "Crimsy", "Sicily Sun" and other plays, the most impressive is to play in the name of the people. The CDC's investigation of Kakako Huahua, showing his exquisite acting, which is just right for details and emotions. When she was photographed in the "Shanhai Economic Naidian Legend", she was intimate to keep the staff away from themselves, so as not to hurt, this reflects her excellent professional literacy and high personal cultivation.

In 2017, he began to know with Cao Yunjin's relationship with Cao Yunjin. In 2018, he married Cao Yunjin in 2018. In 2019, he divorced its divorce. For this marriage, Tang Yu sacrifices a lot. Marriage means that it is not possible to invest more more energy and time to the development of the cause, and she chooses to marry the "the name of the people" broadcast, this for one The actors in the rising period are undoubtedly an unfavorable choice. After marriage, she faded on the screen, did not participate in the performance of the performance, even if she made such a big sacrifice, this marriage did not succeed, failure marriage did bring her hit, but she did not silence, but In the face of life, challenge yourself, challenge yourself, and accompany your daughter, and let yourself keep an old childin, look for the courage and space of transformation.

Although fate sometimes can't be as will, let everything go smoothly, but we can at least grasp the way to move, with the way forward, decide to travel through the road, look for the road of life, get rid of the outside world Looking for your favorite life, live a wonderful thing. Bless you, Tang Yu!