Old play bacon Pan Hong: 24 years old married to Mijia Mountain, married for 8 years without children, there is tears behind the scenery

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Old play bacon Pan Hong: 24 years old married to Mijia Mountain, married for 8 years without children, there is tears behind the scenery

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Pan Hong, is known as the "Tragedy Queen" in the 1980s.

In its long interpretation of career, many tragic characters are in Pan Hong's play, even if they have been over, it is still impressed by the audience.

In Panhong, there has always been a feeling of cold and free, and she is in life, but it is very kind.

On the cause, Pan Hong won countless awards in the performance art industry, even if it is now, it is still difficult to compete with the actress.

It's just a 68-year-old Pan Hong, and it is still alone, no husband, no children.

In the early years, Pan Hong has no heritage, but she is obsessed with her career, but finally lost in love.


In 1954, Pan Hong was born in the case of mother's unmarried pregnancy. Before this, Pan Hong's mother was accounting for Shanghai a hospital.

At the same time, an expert from the Soviet Union came to this hospital for rescue work, and the two had feelings because of working contact, and the fruit of love is coming.

But at that time, the two loved deeply, and even thought many ways to avoid separation.

For a time, Pan Hong's mother collapsed, and the child did not have a father. When the days, Pan Hong's mother did not know how to go.

In the face of all aspects of pressure, Pan Hong's mother feels very desperate, I can't find the countermeasures, Panhong Mother married a surname Liu's old cadres.

Only in this way, Pan Hong can not be discussed.

Pan Hong has a father and hid this robbery.

With Liu Dad's accompanying, Pan Hong's childhood passed very happy. When Pan Hong was born, he was placed in a family foster.

After that, Pan Hong Mother gave birth to two daughters, so when Pan Hong was seven years old, the mother chose Pan Hong back to her life.

Liu Dad as a stepfather, treating Pan Hong very carefully, not only gives Pan Hong's name, but also often teaches Panhong writing practice calligraphy.


You have not allowed the young Pan Hong, who is still small, is too long. Because of the special era, special reasons, Pan Hong's stepfather has been unfair treatment.

And Pan Hong and the mother, there are two sisters, and they have been destroyed by the neighbors.

Suddenly, the top pillars in the family did not have, Pan Hong's mother was in despair, and the Pan Hong, who was attended, is also ten years old.

Looking at the mother because the husband died, I can't have it.

After the dawn, Pan Hong was called the crematorium by the mother, and the stepper of the Father was recovered.

After returning home, Panhong mother is ignorant Pan Hong, asking her to send her father's casket, send it to the hometown of Harbin, in an instant, Pan Hong is like an adult, began to assume the responsibility of the home.

After going to the station, Pan Hong sat on the train to Harbin, the distance of three days and three nights, Pan Hong will never forget.

At the age of ten, Pan Hong has suffered too much, but the warmth of the Father is given, so that Pan Hong is no longer afraid.

Even after many years, Pan Hong recalled the father, and the heart still did not limit.


After losing the Father, Pan Hong is like a person, she no longer spoiled with her mother, but becomes a very refined girl.

But at the same time, Pan Hong's mind is also a lot of mature, and even Pan Hong swear in his heart. Be sure to let his mother with you, stay away from the current life, live on the day.

After that, Pan Hong no longer uses Liu Ronghua name, but following the mother's surname.

So Pan Hong returned to the family and followed his life.

In 1972, 18-year-old Pan Hong graduated from secondary school, and in response to the era, Pan Hong went to Chongming Island and began to live in the mountains in the mountain.

Let Pan Hong also unexpectedly, this time, her life will usher in greet.

At that time, the national college entrance examination did not recover, many universities, and they were recruited.

As a member of the jacket, Pan Hong has a chance to apply for a university.

Soon in 1973, Pan Hong seized the opportunity. She was optimistic about the Shanghai Drama Academy to enroll in Chongming Island.

So Pan Hong did not say registration, because the long phase Peugeot, Pan Hong did not have a real experience, or was admitted.

After the Academy of Drama, Pan Hong has ended the previous bitter days, the new and colorful college lives, followed.

However, it is worth mentioning that when Pan Hong entered the play, the other has the same jacket experienced Yan Meijuan, and was also accepted.

However, in the university campus, Pan Hong and Yan Meijuan have greatly different, Pan Hong is very popular because of a round face, very popular.

The long phase of Yi Meijuan is a long face, not honest.

When Pan Hong was in the second grade of the university, it has begun to pick up the drama.


So in life, Mijia Mountain knows how to take care of people.

Because of the film, it is very busy, but the Mijia Mountain is in Panhong Eye, but he is a slow-stroke, he will not ignore his life because of the busy work.

Long time in the crew, Pan Hong felt that Mijia Mountain was both his own friend and saw his father's shadow.

So after this, Mijia Mountain and Panhong became a couple and began to love.

But the difference between the two is a bit big, and it is not very common in the outsider.

At that time, all aspects of Mijia Mountain were very good, but the Mijia Mountain was only a beautiful work with Pan Hong, who is getting red in the entertainment industry.

Panhong is young and beautiful, quite temperament, and Mijia Mountain is not named, on the long phase, and it is also very common. In Panhong Eyes, everything has to make a way for love.

After a year from Mijia Mountain, Pan Hong was a 24-year-old age, stepped into the hall of marriage.

Pan Hong took the outside voice behind the brain, because she was really happy.

Recalling that Pan Hong's birth, the Soviet father has no news, and the faxed father who has died early, but also makes Pan Hong's childhood a shadow, but the Mijia Mountain in front of you can give Panhong's lack of love and warmth.


After marriage, because of the existence of Mijia Mountain, Pan Hong felt love, then the family is too far away, but also quietly.

After Become Mrs., Pan Hong's career continued to develop, while Mijia Mountain is still sticking to his own artist position.

In 1978, Yang Yanjin, Deng Yi people directed the drama "bitter joyless" is about to start shooting, so two director found Pan Hong, inviting him to play the heroine in the film.

For a time, Pan Hong began to become a household name, the most important thing is that Pan Hong went to the Cannes Film Festival because of "bitter joys", many awards and instantly landed to Panhong.

Therefore, Pan Hong is famous, but behind the scenery, it is not satisfactory.

Hong Rong did not care about the actor of Shanghai Film Research Factory, directly rushed to Pan Hong's photographed film, in order to expand the influence, Hong Yong also wrote Pan Hong to her husband's love letter, and the bright is a big sticker in Shanghai film system The film factory in the factory.

On the side, Hongren also shouts loudly: "I must let this woman beat the name."

After all, when the status of the red actor is unclear, it seems that it is not available.


After the wind and rain, this matter caused Yang Yanjin to be punished by the Shanghai Film Production Plant. Hong Yong did not recover her husband's heart, but he was disgusted by her husband and was divorced.

Fortunately, in Mijia Mountain, there is no divorce from Pan Hong, afterwards, after he is arranged to work in the Western Factory.

After Pan Hong expressed his own ideas, Pan Hong did not hesitate to refuse, and Pan Hong refused the reason.

But Pan Hong's attitude is firm, still do not want to put down the business of children.

However, Du Zi Niang's role, bringing Many glory of Pan Hong, nomination of each award, let Panhong's popularity improvement.

The subsequent time, Panhong film is constantly, 1983 "people to middle age", "cold night", 1984 "Fire Dragon", "Fire Dragon" in 1985, after the end of these works, Pan Hong's performance It has exceeded a lot of ages.

In the face of the daughter, I have already reached the 31-year-old age. Pan Hong's mother can't see it. She persuaded Pan Hong, the career is important, but accompanying you to life, it is a complete family, the child is also as important, give yourself a period of time , Less shoot, now give birth to the child, we also young, have energy to bring you.

Just every night, Pan Hong thought of being a mother, to face it, it is a child whose child keeps calling, plus life is inseparable from the firefood salt, these trivial things, let Pan Hong have some refund.


So in 1986, Mijia Mountain made a divorce to Panhong, and Pan Hong had no way, he had to promise.

The eight years of marriage life, in the outsider, long time, but in fact, the days of Mijia Mountain and Pan Hong live together, only one year.

Because after marriage, Pan Hong has been working hard, and both sides will not sacrifice for other things, so they will go to the end, only separate.

After divorce, Pan Hong's life has a lot of emotions. She regrets that she only considers work career. She didn't care about her family. She thought she had wedding, and she would always stay.

However, Mijia Mountain and Panhong did not reappear because of the rupture of marriage.

After the decimal marriage, the two made friends, in 1988, Mijia Mountain as a director, directed the comedy movie "reward".

And the female protagonist of the film, Mijia Mountain found Pan Hong.

This time, Mijia Mountain feels that Pan Hong has become more considerate, but the feelings of the two have ended, think too much there is no meaning.


In the following years, Pan Hong's performance is climbing, and the awards get soft.

But at the time of Pan Hong, there is no longer wave of many honors.

Because she is more, I still have a husband, and I will have a friend with my friends. Pan Hong learned that the Mijia hill gout, but Pan Hong is too concerned, did not listen to the words of the friend, listening to the gout, and scared Pan Hong. Mijia Mountain.

After understanding the real situation of Mijiashan, Pan Hong's hailed heart was released.

Pan Hong is very brave with love. She has said many times in the media, Mijia Mountain is the most tiered in her life, and I can do my best to Mijia Mountain.

But the last two divorced, the taste, perhaps only Pan Hong understood.

Until the age is getting bigger, Pan Hong is a lot of things. Pan Hong said that he was young, he didn't know how to give up. If there is something to give up, maybe he has become a good mother.

It's just that the outsiders seem to be successful, but this success requires a lot of cost.

Pan Hong also said that actresses are got to give up in marriage.

If at that time, a little put a little down, if you have a child, you will not be a person in your later years.

Today, Pan Hong has been 68 years old, and after divorcing Mijia Mountain, Pan Hong did not get involved in feelings, because of her heart, there has been Mijia Mountain.

Life is like this, there must be lost, people who have lost, they know that the previous preciousness, but for Pan Honglai, there is another kind of no one, even if there is regret, but now she is like that..

When there is no play, Pan Hong is accompanied by his mother at home, and she is gradually released, and her Dharma makes her meditation and let her do himself.