"Xianjian Qi Chuan 4" network transmission final angle!鞠 祎 祎 陈哲远 starring, do you recognize?

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"Xianjian Qi Chuan 4" network transmission final angle!鞠 祎 祎 陈哲远 starring, do you recognize?

2022-01-15 06:05:53 13 ℃

"剑 侠 传" This IP can be said to be a lot of 80s and 90 childhood tomorrowful light, no matter how many wind creams are now experienced, I still remember that the sword in the world is in the world, the gods of the small onion. And "Xianjian Qi Chuan 4" is one of the most popular in this IP. The TV TV drama is about to start shooting immediately.

The final list of the network is indeed

There are many news from the news, saying that the elevation of the sword 4 is a red flower, or a newcomer, have experienced a lot of version. Today, there is a final list of big V to pass the fairy 4.

Yu Yu was held as a female master Han Ling yarn, this is a very machine flexible and attractive role, and the color is good, but the acting has been being ill, can she play this role?

Chen Zheyuan is a relatively young newcomer. There have been a more famous role in the past, but the new version of the new generation of double arrogance itself has no heat, so it is still more than a sense. Yun Tianhe is a challenge.

Mao Zijun played Murong Ziying, in the Zhu Xianqing Yunzhi, Mao Zijun's ancient dress is preparatory, and his Viole is at least temperament and shape should not worry.

Before Mai Xiao Hui, there was a "long-standing" female master experience, and the little dragon female in the goddess of the gods to be broadcast, there have been it to say that resources are excellent. But playing the peerless beauty, the player's heart in the hearts of the willow dream, I don't know if it can serve?

Chen Chuhe played a big BOSS, this feeling, Chen Chuhe was earlier than the previous main hot platform. It is said that I love you. The male two, his acting skills, can adapt to a variety of roles.

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