Li Lianjie is afraid that there is a bug in the room, saying that I want ice cream in the mirror, the waiter really sent it.

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Li Lianjie is afraid that there is a bug in the room, saying that I want ice cream in the mirror, the waiter really sent it.

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In 1974, 11-year-old Jet Li, with the delegation to visit the rice country, after the arrival of the room, in order to verify whether the bug, Jet Li in front of the mirror and say: "! I want ice cream," and so on for a while, but not respond, Jet Li and against phone call: I want to eat bananas! After he screams to the toilet in a hurry, wait until re back to the house, we found the table already has bananas and ice cream. Jet Li martial arts prodigy, he acquired of course very hard, but the talent is also very important. Jet Li was born in Beijing in 1963, 2 years old his father died, he was at home in the Top Five, after the above two brothers, two sisters, his father died, his mother with five children children struggling to survive.

Jet Li grew particularly sensible, perhaps particularly difficult conditions make him understand his mother's hard work, from an early age, he wanted to hurry up, to make money at home. In 1971, Jet Li first grade, when for some reason, the summer pupils shortened to one month, in July they entered the sports school to learn, this is the Shichahai Sports School sports school. At that time more than 1,000 martial arts into the school, they train two and a half hours a day, officially opened until after school, sports school a good student can pick out 20 individuals, Jet Li is one of them. One month later, 20 people after more strenuous and more demanding training through, leaving only four, of which there are Jet Li. In the sports school training for a year, 9-year-old Jet Li began to represent the sports school to Jinan in the National martial arts competition, won the Outstanding Performance Award. After returning to Beijing, Jet Li moved into the Shichahai Sports School, became a professional student. The opening ceremony of the 1972 International Table Tennis Championship game, 9-year-old Jet Li martial arts performances of the three projects, after the game, he was received by Premier Zhou and praised his teammates.

In 1974, 11-year-old Jet Li martial arts to participate in the national contest, when he was a high fever of 39 degrees, he dragged his illness still won three titles, a small Jet Li became the brightest star on stage. Soon, as Jet Li martial arts representatives, and other members of the delegation went to visit the United States. After living to the hotel, Jet Li think of the movie plot: Will there be bug it? So he directed at the mirror shouted: I want to eat ice cream, wait a minute did not respond, he shouting the sentence: I want to eat bananas. Screams twice, Jet Li feeling stomach problems, it is out of the toilet, he came back after a while, see the table really put the bananas and ice cream. He quickly ran to the house and looked at the others, are not, it's really weird. After coming back from the United States, Jet Li began to count years of service, could get five dollars a month wages, though much money, but to help his mother,

He felt contented. Since then, Jet Li martial arts often go abroad to participate in competitions or performances, each time abroad, can obtain a subsidy of $ 5 a day, which is the reason Jet Li is willing to go abroad. So young age, already know how to glory for the country, for the mother row worries. Although he is the youngest of the children, but he is the greatest contribution that. When going abroad again, they had to take eight hours to reach the destination of the plane, on the plane, Jet Li, find leadership, told him that the situation of your own home, your own mother with five children how not easy. He did so in leadership ear talking about eight hours after the plane, leading finally let go: Go back to the application you write it. Jet Li indescribably happy, then go home, he found sister, he said, sister to write, so his salary rose to 68 dollars. When he bit larger, I began to think of other methods to make money, then shoot the movie "Shaolin Temple." At that time, the film is a fee on the day count day, a dollar, back and forth took nine months, earned nearly 300 dollars.

But the film company earned a billion in box office, when the fare was a dime. At that time the film is not too much, put the film in rural areas can bricks arrived in ticket money, then a rural toilet stolen almost half brick. Lu Yu Jet Li Q: What is your childhood dream? Jet Li solid, particularly: I would think that would make money, the mother happy happy. Sure enough, powerful people, from an early age he is very powerful, well martial arts, also filial handsome, no wonder so many people can receive Jet Li's favorite.