Li Baotian: I don't pick up an advertisement in my life, don't participate in my son's wedding, don't work with Zhang Guoli, Wang Gang cooperation

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Li Baotian: I don't pick up an advertisement in my life, don't participate in my son's wedding, don't work with Zhang Guoli, Wang Gang cooperation

2022-01-15 06:06:02 11 ℃

26 years ago, the TV series "Prime Minister Liu Luo Pan" is red all over the Yangtze River.

"Iron Triangle" Li Posa, Zhang Guoli, Wang Gang became the "best partner" in the hearts of the audience.

The audience wants their three to work together, and the director is also here.

However, Li Posa strongly opposed his cooperation with Wang Gang and Zhang Guo Li.

Even published on the show:

"Some people can't cooperate again, and this life is impossible."

Because of this sentence, Li Posa is isolated from the whole circle.

There are more than 10 companies to enclose Li Posa.

Li Posa was crowned "Dynasty" title.

Since then, Zhang Tielin replaces Li Posa, and Wang Gang, Zhang Guoli forms a new iron triangle.

Li Posa seems to have gradually been forgotten by the audience.

After many years, Li Posa won the "China TV Golden Eagle Award for Lifetime Achievement TV Artist Award"

What happened in the past was only one after another.


Because when an actor, he and his father broke the father and son relationship.

Li Father: "If you are an actor, I just didn't have this son!"

Li Baotian: "You don't look down on me, I will be a big actor in the future, let you see different Li Baotian."

Li Father: "You can't make an actor!"

The next day, the 14-year-old Li Posa will walk with the play team.

One is 5 years, he didn't contact your family in five years.

Later, the team was assigned him to the Xuzhou Liuzi March, but he didn't want to go, he wanted to go to Beijing.

He immediately showed his own ideas and the result was crowded by the students of the troupe.

He became a "alternative" in the group.

No one is willing to play with him, no one makes friends.

The most important thing is that he is not enough to eat in the troupe.

At that time, I was ambiguous, and the troupe gave him 30 pounds, at all, did not have to eat for a month.

Every day practice should consume very physical strength, and they will eat unhappy again.

Sometimes I can't eat a full meal for ten days.

There is no friend in the troupe.

No one is willing to give him points.

Li Baotian is very strong, he will not seek people.

I would rather hungry, and I don't let others pity him.

For a while, the practice is very large, and Li Baotian is not enough for a while, and he will also attract itself at night.

In this way, after the amount of training is too large, Li Baota is suffering from cold.

Every time you have a body temperature is more than 40 degrees.

All night will not refund all night.

There is no one in the theater, he is so hard.

Later, he didn't even know how he went to the hospital, wake up and see that he was in the city.

Mom is sitting next to him, he knows that he has fainted.

Li Baotian lives for a long time in ordinary wards in the hospital.

But he didn't know that a few steps from his ward and then a few steps were a high-dry ward.

His father in the high-dry ward is his father.

But so long, he didn't have a face with his father.

Father didn't come to see him, he didn't know that his father lived in the hospital.

Until one day, he knew that the father came to see him every day, but he didn't know himself.

Because Li Posa is high enough, it needs to be lifted every day, and his arms often numb.

Just when he was asleep,

Dad came over to change his arms, afraid that his arm was numb.

This is also what he is doing Dad, only knows how to let the child sleep, no hemp.

He felt that someone was touched him.

When I look at it, I was actually my father.

Just then, just at that eye.

His contradiction between his father will fully resolve.

No one thought that the father and son met again to meet in the ward.

At this point, he didn't know that his father had serious liver disease, and there were not many time.

The stubborn father and son still did not talk to anyone.

Later, Li Posa continued to return to the drama.

Next time, he will pick up the news from his father.

Li Baotian grew up in a night, suddenly felt that there was no such "sink".

He is a long family, and there is a brother waiting for him to take care of him.

From that start, he took all the responsibility of the home to himself.

The father's death made him a lifetime.

He wants to make your father's embarrassment on the mother and your brother.

In no matter what happens in your home, he will be responsible for himself.

Sometimes it is a natural disaster, I am clearly related to him, and he will find the reason from himself.

For example, his brother,

The younger brother is a very talented painter and is well-known in Nanjing.

After 28 years old, the brother graduated from the university, and the bags went to Xinjiang to sketch.

Because I want to save some money, he did not buy train tickets, but tied others's windmill.

Unfortunately, the driver fell asleep during driving.

The car is out of control, the driver is surpriving, and Li Posen brother will stay in Xinjiang.

No one wants to happen in this accident, and there is no direct relationship with Li Posa.

But Li Baotian still blocks the responsibility on himself.

He felt that the younger brother didn't have a direct relationship with him.

Li Baotian didn't have money at the time.

So he blamed this thing in his own "no money".

He always thinks if he is a little money at the time, maybe your brother will not save money to take someone else.

In fact, he can't do this, no one wants such a tragedy.

However, Li Posa can't let go, the younger brother's departure is the cacity that he is always in his heart.

After the younger brother, he put his brother's career on himself.

Since then, he also begins to learn art, wants to give your brother to go down the unfinished career. From another perspective, this is also a commemoration of his brother.

After the brother left, Li Posa began to fall into unlimited torture and entanglement.

He didn't know how to tell his mother about the news of his younger brother.

Mother's middle-aged and husband, he is a child, he really can't bear to say to his mother.

I think that I can drag a day.

I can't get it, he is ready to speak to tell my mother.

Before the mother retired, I was working in the Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

Li Posa went to the hospital for the first time, and asked her mother to go home with him.

He is afraid that his mother has been fainted after he heard the news, so he will let the medical staff stand next to him first aid.

But what he didn't expect, my mother guess it.

Li Baotian has always been swallowing, or the saying of mother's initiative.

The old colleagues present in the field hurried forward to give her psychological counseling.

Li Bao Tian's mother refused, and Li Mom didn't drop tears.

Then Li Mom took a few days in the room.

Li Posa did not hear a little crying outside the house.

Li Posa knows that mothers and dad are a strong person.

Mom did not say that I haven't said that I haven't said that I haven't said that I haven't said that I haven't said it.

There is no more people who have used their rights to take advantage of their interests.

She also did not use her own person to give her child a job.

Li Mom and Li Dad are all very principled people, never seek private interests for themselves.

They are very rigorous to their children.

This is also the reason why Li Baotian is always a bad relationship with his father.

Parents will never laugh, never give them special.

Li Baotian wants to make a feelings with your mother every time I go home, but my mother is very "cold" every time.

Mom has been like this, never handle with others.

When Li Baotian is in 50, I wanted to pull my mother to say a few words every time I went home.

Mom opens every time.

Until my mother was 80 years old, I started to accept love and my child.

At that time, Li Posa would hug your mother every time I left home.

Every time I walked from home, he was bold, he felt that he would see another time, and even there may be no next time.

Later, the mother passed away, the city zhengfu deliberately sent a banner:

"一生 清白"


Li Bao Tian's character and parents are very similar, they are very unfair, very good.

In 1990, Zhang Yimou found Li Baotian and Gong Li to shoot a movie "Jumei".

However, Li Posa and Gong Li stand together have too much age.

Zhang Yimou felt that Li Baotian was not suitable for Gong Li.

Then change a young actor.

I just turned on for a few days, how did Zhang Yimou see how I feel unsatisfactory.

I personally went back Li Posa to come back and repolated "Yang Tianqing".

This has a classic opponent of Li Posa and Gong Li.

After the cooperation has been cooperated, Zhang Yimou has been completely convinced by Li Posa.

In 1992, the 46-year-old Li Posa plays a 70-year-old man in the film "Grandfather".

The role age and his real age have a cross-cross, but under the exquisite acting of Li Posa, there is no violation.

Ni Zhen read the movie:

"Li Posa playing Ge Laozi is the most exciting role in China's screen."

A few years later, Zhang Yimou also found Li Baotian starring movie "shake, shake to grandmother bridge".

Li Baotian played a heartless and cruel black boss in it.

This is also the first time in Li Bao Tian for more than ten years.

Good actors are what roles can be taken.

Li Posa is such a good actor.

In the later "there is something to say,", Zhang Yimou once again came to Li Posa.

He plays a honest and humorous Zhang Qiusheng inside.

Among them he educated Jiang Wen's paragraph and became a classic that has passed on.

"Young man, don't know how to take it."

Three cooperation, it is enough to see Zhang Yimou's attention to Li Posa.

Zhang Yimou once said:

"Li Posa is one of the greatest actors in China."

Li Posa has become a "red" in many director.

But I really have to mention the "Prime Minister Liu Luo".

Li Baotian is in the opera, blind, mutant, mutant, and the grandson.

And 珅 is played by Wang Gang.

Two actors play every other opponent to the audience directly.

After the show broadcast, Wang Gang, Li Baotian, Zhang Guoli is known as the iron triangle.

At the same time, Li Posa and Wang Gang's contradictions are more and more.

When Wang Gang is filming, he often leaves a holiday because of personal personal affairs, often let him wait for him.

Li Baotian is very dissatisfied with Wang Gang.

In the eyes of Li Posa, the actor acting is the meaning of the sky, without any reason for the play.

And Wang Gang felt that there was nothing wrong with this.

The two have a lot of differences in professional moral understanding, and the three views of people cannot come together.

More and more, it is natural to continue to cooperate.

Later, the director wanted to shoot "Prime Minister Liu Luo Pot" sequel, Zhang Guoli and Wang Gang have seen the last dividend, so the hands agree to continue to shoot sequel.

However, Li Bao Tian is opposition.

"I feel that the sequel is not good, not mature, like patchwork, and the old play will let the audience anti-stomach, make a good role is very difficult, destroying a good role is easy." Just like Wang Gang and Zhang Guoli and Li Baotian "Different".

Then, the "Emperor's professional household" Zhang Tielin added to form a new iron triangle.

After many years, Li Posa has first accepts an interview, and I will answer why I will not cooperate again.

"Some people can't cooperate again. I will not make money, because of anything else, the bad script will give the audience."

Zhang Guili acts on the time of the year, whether it is hosting or a TV series.

Wang Gang and Zhang Tielin's life are also known to know.

From this point of view, Li Posa and other three people are not on a road.

Li Posa was 57 years old and Shen Aojun, Du Yudu, Du Xudong, Wu Jun, showed the TV series "Sheraton".

It is a 60-year-old Li Posa career to usher in the peak.

Only by "Happy" corner, he will give him a big award.

The "Hanging Plant" in the drama affects many viewers.

One year later, Li Bao Tian was broadcasted.

When Li Posa is signed, it is 30 episodes, but it is 33 episodes.

This kind of practice through "water injection" is exchanged for the benefit, let Li Bao Tian "嗤".

Li Posa, as an old artist, is unable to endure the parties to deceive the audience.

A paper declaration will tell the court in court.

Subjects will not let Li Posa nature.

Subsequently, the ten entertainment companies in the joint circle were publicly tao Li Posa.

The rumor Li Posa is "Dynasty".

For this matter, Li Posa has never responded that he thinks "it is not afraid of shadow".

Obviously, his film and television resources have greatly affected from then.

I said to this Li Posa: "I don't regret it, even if no one is looking for it, I don't regret it. The rule is the rule."

Later, Li Posa was suppressed.

On the show, I asked in Pan Changjiang.

"Teacher Li, do you have a serious person in the circle?"

Pan Changjiang watched Li Baotian did not say, followed by Pan Changjiang:

"My father is very straightforward, I am very straightforward. My father used to be Tieling Champion, a particularly excellent actor, is particularly famous in our Tieling. But he is because of it is straightforward, refuses the admission leaders The relatives come in, therefore .... "

Pan Changjiang said it was several times: "My father is like you."

After all, Pan Changjiang walks in the circle for many years, asking these issues is not a letter to pinch.

Li Baotian is really doing an actor.

He believes that the actor is to gain this bowl of rice, to give the audience.

I have never received any advertisements since the departure of Li Posa.

He pushed out the highest advertising fee of more than 20 million.

It is not because he has more money because he has principles.

He believes that the actor should not forget the initial heart, the actor is going to play, keep a pure heart.

The host he did not pick up an advertisement, Li Posa said:

"You don't drink, some people are looking for me to advertise, I don't drink, I can't say how much wine is not exported."

This is Li Baotian as a height of the people's artists.

Li Posa can't do a conscience.

He will never deceive the audience because of the money.

"I am so positive on TV. How can I go to make a speculation? I can't do it."

This is really done.

Li Posa's son Li Wei is also an actor.

Li Wei wanted to test the Central Drama Academy, but in two years.

Li Posa is a graduate of China, and it is a national first-level actor. Many of his friends are in the middle opera enrollment.

Li Bao Tian's wife Hu Ying is also a teacher.

Mom and Dad are all acquaintances, and a sentence can make your son in.

Can Li Posa refuses to help his son.

My son didn't understand, and even complained him.

However, Li Baotian always felt: "It is always the first one, and the other is the second place, even if you are your son, you can't engage in special."

At this time, Li Posa realized that he was the same as his father.

Will treat your own son in a father's way.

After growing up, Li Wei began to understand his father.

After six years, Li Wei was successfully admitted to the scene.

At the time of the examination, Li Wei seems to understand why his father is going to be so strict.

Li Posa's "Squid" also affects his son.

In 2009, Li Wei married.

Li Baotian did not participate in the son wedding.

This is very disintegration, Li Wei is his only son, why is it absent in the most important days in his son's life.

Because he was "never looking back" the drama.

He invited him a day, and the crew is going to wait for him.

Rent a day machine and venue are very expensive, he does not want to waste resources.

There are staff in the crew to say: "Teacher Li, your son is married, we can understand, the son is the most important, we can wait for you to come back."

Li Baotian didn't take hesitantly: "The most important thing is to shoot, shoot a play, I can't ask, I am old comrades, I can't make vacation."

Li Wei will not resent his father, he knows that this circle needs to have "End" actors.

Li Posa is also close to your child.

He won't go to the son's home to see granddaughter, granddaughter is coming to see him, he will not let them stay. Every time Li Wei said with a granddaughter to see him, he refused.

Because he is afraid that the granddaughter makes the house to mess.

Li Wei said that he was most afraid of playing with his father, because he would accuse him when dozens of people in the drama group.

Will pick him up his problems and very strict.

Long 100 days long, Li Wei called "Purgatory 100 Days".

Li Baotian is always "the spirit of the bones in front of the family".

After being boycotted by the ten companies, Li Posa's work is reduced.

Although there is also a director to find him, he refused.

He value the script very much, there is no good script, I would rather not shoot.

He didn't want to live up to the expectations of the audience.

I don't want to reduce my own standard for the payment, I don't want to discard the spirit of "Sangs".

After this back, there is also a wife who is obscured to support his.

Wife Hu Ying and he married for more than 50 years, unconditionally supported him a variety of decisions.

Hu Ying did not rely on Li Posa's famous gas to seek private gap.

Li Baotian is still a good wife after being famous or famous.

Never pass any lace news, never being tempted to dizzy.

In 2020, Li Posa attends the 30th China Television Golden Eagle Awards Ceremony.

That night, the host announced that Li Baotian won the "China Wenlian Life Achievement Artist Award".

When Li Posa came out, the officials of the next generation of people were all applauded to Li Baotian, and applause and applauded the whole hall.

Li Baotian on the podium is shaved the bald head, and it seems to have a lot of old age.

Many netizens can't believe it, is this a happy time?

Many spectators saw "Happy" old, and it is still sad.

That year, Li Baotian was 74 years old, he still didn't forget his own initial heart.

Li Posa issued a winning testimony on the awarding station:

"I have less service for the audience these years. It is not the opportunity. It is not the role I like. It's all one, there is no challenging. When there is no suitable script, I will paint at home in my heart. Waiting for it. Script, I am as passionate for the public. "

Li Posa is a "less opportunity to be less".

First, I will not be affected by the "boycott", and I have a lot of film and television dramas.

By 2022, Li Baotian was 76 years old. But never give up the pursuit of quality, and Ning deficiency is the responsibility of his audience.

Which is why he rarely appeared, has been in the hearts of the reasons for the audience.

Li Baotian countless hearts of the audience "clank play bone", but also in the eyes of industry peers "Art benchmark."