"Liar" Ma Yili involves 700 million cases, and the predetermined rebellion, implicated the 23 billion cases of Wang Han.

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"Liar" Ma Yili involves 700 million cases, and the predetermined rebellion, implicated the 23 billion cases of Wang Han.

2022-01-15 06:04:34 30 ℃

What is the milk tea liar Ma Yim? The former is a good girlfriend, and the current marriage will send yourself a bright green emerald hat. After divorce, it will establish an independent self-friendly staff, but because of the endorsement of milk tea, the amount involved is as high as 700 million, so that yourself be negative.

When you talk about Ma Yizhen, you should know this marriage with the article. When Ma Yimu suddenly came to a love, it was easy, the marriage was not easy, and it cherished, and became the 2014 hot search term, a blog It is not long after it is issued, and the first paparazzi is exposed to the article marriage and other women's entanglement.

Netizens can't help but sigh, the houses in Ma Yizhen are sitting, and the article outside the article is floating. When everyone feels not far from getting married, Ma Yizhen actually chooses to forgive the article, and he accepts the top-spirited green jade hat, let netizens have been stunned. For the betrayal, the netizen said that the article is already in the hands of Ma Yizhen, and Ma Yizhen, who once married Ma Yisi, that is hard injury.

It is reported that the tiger is in the year, the movie night pedestrians have worried the female protagonist. I met the student of the Shanghai Drama Academy, and was deeply attracted by Ma Yiwei's Wen Yu, causing that the movie has not yet started shooting. Ask Ma Yizhen to play a night pedestrian woman, in the shooting, Tiger in order to find the opportunity to speak with Ma Yizhen, a time will discuss the script with Ma Yizhen.

In the discussion with Ma Yizhen, Ma Yisi was also conquered by the tiger's tiger, and the various semi-pushed half of the tiger, and the two people had a deep kiss on the Valentine's Day and acknowledged the love, but later because of Ma Yizhen reasons, tiger I met Ma Yizhen's girlfriends, and Liang Jing saw the tiger and love of the tiger, short in short, and the marriage of Liang Jing was exposed.

This is also unfortunate that Ma Yis can forgive the empathy of the article. It turns out that she has already experienced it. The liar milk tea Ma Yizhen, the amount involved in the case is 700 million, and the netizen is constantly, the former choice is married to Ma Yizhen, the current marriage and other women If you are entangled, she should be sympathy by netizens.

Speaking of the star endorsement, the entertainment industry is all, and Ma Yizhen endorsement a milk tea involves a lot of 700 million. The netizens are constantly being pushed to the tips of public opinion. After things, there are many milk tea franchisees. Said that the milk tea brand that he joined Ma Yizhen gave more than ten thousand or even hundreds of thousands, and afterwards were found, they did not expect to join the business.

No one can expel the product of the big star Ma Yi's endorsement is a fraud company. Ma Yizhen finally ended the pressure of the oscillating and public opinion in the outside world, and I apologized in a blog, and claimed that I was taking us with the milk tea brand. There is no longer following.

Netizens have said that when you do something wrong, can you just apologize? What if so many franchisees are deceived? If it is not a celebrity effect of Ma Yizhen, how can franchisees get decisively join? Let Ma Yizhen give a statement, many franchisees directly put Ma Yizhen on the court, this dispute, eventually ended with Ma Yi, and the netizen and the franchisees ended.

In an interview with the Global Human Reporter, a well-known lawyer said that in this case, the victim is the biggest franchisee and consumers. If the Ma Yizhen team does not know if the fraud is not informed, it can be done or recover the advertising fee for Ma Yizhen or recover the advertising fee. Wait, from morality, Ma Yizhen and its team provide the victim to provide the right to protect the case.

This high-altitude fraud made Ma Yizhen lost his heart, the star endorseously turned into the car, some people involved as 700 million, was forced to show up, why someone endorsement products deceived 370,000, the amount involved is as high as 23 billion, can be full Retreat, in the entertainment circle is still in the water, who is protecting them?

The recreation and the star endorsement, the netizens have not been accused. The star actually claims that she is a victim. The chaos of the entertainment circle is endless, and it is unleadage. The Ma Yizhen incident is hosted by many Mangoai. First of all, the express host Weijia, Because the big biscuit camp was pulled away.

It is reported that the big cracker brand is the IP-derived IP. This product has a different relationship with the five hosts of the happy family. It has always been a fascia, the product of the product of the Weijia, and finally the product company, the company, the child, escape, provoke netizens Run to Mangoai to find Wejia, the franchisees on the spot wear white short sleeves, behind Li Weijia lost artist.

But behind Li Weica, one and the brand of the agreement directly put the pot, so that many franchisees have difficulty, in addition to Weijia, the top of the mangoai, Wang Han, who has been endorse, and the 370,000 people were scammed 23 billion, provoked investors anger. , Put Wang Han's debt reminder hot search, some investors blocked to Wang Han to work, let Wang Han still have a hard money.

And Wang Han said that Wang Han finally apologized, and actively cooperated with the investigation to put things down, but Wang Han was still hopped by netizens, it was burst, according to the news, when Wang Han said instant noodles, online online Under the biggest propagate, occasionally, how delicate the instant noodles, but when Wang Han, when you eat the instant noodles, you will eat a bite, you can't eat it.