Dog tail, ruined the fourth part of the hacker empire, really blue?

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Dog tail, ruined the fourth part of the hacker empire, really blue?

2022-01-15 06:04:34 16 ℃

It is - "Hacker Empire: Matrix Restart".

The inspiration of this work comes from the death of parents. The sadness of relatives, let her think about this sooth story.

The three songs put human-machine war, religious theology, and true illusory philosophy.

In order to protect the human city, the Salvation Dynasty and the parent machinery reached a peace agreement.

Smith was eliminated, Zion was saved, and Nio disappeared. Most people think Nio has sacrificed, but the captain rabbit does not believe. She firmly believes that he is still alive, he must live in a corner of the mother.

Rabbit found a running old code program in the matrix parent. Unexpectedly, it was found that the two sides launched a fierce fight.

It is an unknown in shape. Black woman is arrested, but Cui Ni is not caught.

It is a game engineer of the video game "hacking empire".

Days have passed every day, only one thing, let him think about it.

The Indian little girl who appeared in the Sandy ("Hacker Imperial 3" train station.) Is the product of the AI ​​proceedings because of love.

And separated by two people to maintain the balance of the system.

In order to rescue Cui Nii, the small partners responded to Nio's call.

I am suffering from 60 years, Nio has not forgotten the power.

After the wakeful Cui Ni, the Liongong started to start. Put the enemy to the water.

A open motorcycle, a luck. Daxie four squares.

In the end, love overs all the grinds in real life.

The two were finally together.

After 18 years, the "hacker empire" advanced high concept is no unusual. The only thing that can be consumed, only the feelings of the old fans. Life is a lonely road, fortunately there is a hacker empire milling journey.

Bullet time, white rabbit tattoo, Nio and Cui Niti ... A classic picture, becoming an endless memory.

missing is worse than meeting. Goodbye, a hacker imperial era.

Wanshui Qianshan is always love, some "I am watching" can't! ! !