Word of mouth burst, repeated CCTV, acrobatic drama "war Shanghai" stunning

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Word of mouth burst, repeated CCTV, acrobatic drama "war Shanghai" stunning

2022-01-15 06:05:26 15 ℃

At the CCTV Lantern Festival at the beginning of last year, the "Monument" of the Haihai Acrobatics was amazed. The fluid golden acrobatics makes a "character sculpture" with high difficult skills, pay tribute to the hero with the language of acrobatic art.

After the party, "Monu" CCTV official micro video clicked nearly 500,000 times in more than 1 hour, and people flooded into major media and social platforms to express their love for this program. "Monument" Weibo topic reads more than 5 million, and the heat of hanging is also nearly 6 million.

This shocking work is the festive edition of the Haibai acrobatic drama "Battle Shanghai" - the drama is the Shanghai Acupuncture and the Shanghai Circus School to undertake the mission of the bacon, with the harmous bones, flesh and blood. Red literary works with temperature.

"Battle Shanghai"

A praise of the communist adheres to the faith and mission

A hero story telling the liberation of Shanghai

A poem of praise patriotic lovers revolution

Acrobatic and drama narrative

Recently, the strong scene of Shanghai Liberation Battle

In the stream, see the firm belief in the Communists.

In the breath, see the thrilling battle of the liberation army

When I was 零, I saw the family's feelings that the revolutionary martyrs took place.

The drama is the first exploration of the Haihai acrobatics to red literary works. Through the creative transformation and innovation of traditional acrobatics, the new creation of acrobatics is deconstructed, collecting 20 boutique programs, covering acrobatics, magic, funny, tamping birds, etc. Performing style, innovation 9 new expressions, with acrobatic unique thrills and tensile limbs, integrating into the story narrative, and is equipped with comprehensive art use of "sound, light, electricity, shadow, scene", and created Chinese acrobatics A new chapter of the drama.

Red Haihua Acrobatic drama "Battle Shanghai"

Performance time: February 27, 2022 19:30

Performance location: Huangmei Opera Theater · Grand Theater

Performance fare: 380/280/180/80/50/30 yuan

Tips: Children under 1 meter admission

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380 yuan (380 yuan * 2)

316 yuan (280 yuan * 2)

218 yuan (180 yuan * 2)

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