A movie three actress, how many of these movies have you seen?

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A movie three actress, how many of these movies have you seen?

2022-01-15 06:04:45 30 ℃

1. "Oriental San Xia"; when you are young, I remember that there is a fragment that they go to the child. From the sewer, the child is still in the cage, eating things, now I think of a little disgusting, father-in-law is underground I didn't kill the last go to the ground, I could kill people, I really had nightmare, but I still like this film.

2, "Modern Haoxia Chuan"; I borrowed a political film, waste soil, ice cold, desperate, and the martial arts temperament, more types of martial arts, and the setting of this major It is a bit out of control; the three protagonists continues to set up the upper part, and the most prominent actually is Zhang Manyu. In addition to the counterparts, there is a bit too horrible.

3, "Moon Star Sun"; Hong Kong female life in the 1980s is more difficult, sold by the family, become a dance girl Zhang Manyu, I thought I met the true love, but I still can't affected the status of the dance girl. Zhong Chuhong became a dance girl in order to save him, but finally was disappointing, and the money earned was also deceived. Another forgot what is called, she was teased by her colleague, and she didn't drink alcohol for them. After thinking that I met a true love, but unfortunately I would like to make a dance woman to make money. 3 people are different, but they will warm together.

4, "Character Direct"; Hong Kong movies before returning can speak very vulgar content, put Ji women's bright and big plays to all audiences. There is only such an atmosphere to give birth to the golden age of Hong Kong movies. And this piece is still related to Zhilin, Zheng Shaoqiu and other gangs of big stars to participate in living, and then equipped with beautiful music, still very pleasing.

5, "Sunset Angel"; film is obviously the impact of "霹雳 娇娃", and three women play, but two of them are crime genius, the other is the police, and the chance in the story is coincidental, let them walk Together, anger the big anti-party, just is not uncomfortable, Shu Qi is on the line when the plot is general, and people are somewhat uncomfortable, and compared with Mo Wenwei with Shu Qi, Zhao Wei shows this movie at the time, still appeared Some have some young. The fighting and gun battle is still very nice, especially part of the design is very imagination, the lens language and clip have been really good. As for the story, the competition is relatively thin, and the characters are also directly , It is a business cool film, which is also reflected in China and has its own "霹雳 娇娃".

6, "New Tianlong Babu Tianshan Rhythm"; Qingxia's all-in-one people warm face passed cold butt, and the gods wounded Lang Xiang iron, and then I learned that the Chinese people said that I am in the heart, and I am sighing me. I have a lung. I laughed and died, I actually rim. Although the plot pull is collapsed, you can't top the gods a game. Not a traditional martial arts drama, wearing a variety of modern vomiting, can be soaked in this movie, which is so beautiful. Zhang Min's line is quite a flavor. A one. Yan Dog can't bear to smash, who makes his sisters too much.

A movie three actress, how many of these movies have you seen?