New placard, July boyfriend gun?What is the fairy sister frequent marketing?Peng Yuxi denied the out of the cabinet?

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New placard, July boyfriend gun?What is the fairy sister frequent marketing?Peng Yuxi denied the out of the cabinet?

2022-01-15 06:06:04 13 ℃

New placard, July boyfriend gun?

The new gentleman has recently stuffed that she actually took a famous Sweep Award in the circle. In fact, this award is the public vote, and the number of new gangs is full of dust, and other actresses are behind. After the number of votes of the organizers, the new ganglo, in order to maintain their face, the new gidder had to spend money, put their name from the award list.

After this thing I heard, I broke the news on the Internet. The new gentleman doesn't want to let things continue to ferment, and she finds the July boyfriend gun. You know, July boyfriend once took the award award because of his work, this time, this time, it is also used to use the relationship, and the dark box operation takes yourself.

July boyfriend originally thought that he was awarded to the prize, and who knows the new contended to send a lot of trend marketing July boyfriend's second nomination of black materials. The team of July boyfriends immediately put the public relations, and it was not easy to press this material.

What is the fairy sister frequent marketing?

The international actress's goddess sister has too much marketing, and it is very powerful. The team will stop for a while. Today, the wind passes, and it will be arranged again. I have said that she is now starring daily life, selling old feelings to walking the way, nothing else, is nothing else, it is not a topic.

In fact, she has filmed several works in these two years, but unfortunately these works are not broadcast because some reasons are not broadcast, so they have some urgents on the side of the actress, after all, her follow-up resources are not possible to continue. Once the capital feels that she has no greater business value, or the industry has more valuable artists than her, then her future resources are worrying (although the goddess sister is known as the Buddha, no one will give up the name profit).

Peng Yuxi denied the out of the cabinet?

About Peng Yuxi's news that Huo, who is said, is not concerned, it is a lawyer who has a lawyer in the studio. I saw that I found that it was that "Peng Yuxi and a man's artist came from the cabinet." "Open cabinet" is too much, and his current development is still in the petriard, inner fish to the attitude of the artists You don't have to say anything more, so how can you be so dry), and his studio moves quickly, so the other party has declared public apology at the end of last year.

In the past few years, he did have a relationship with a zbook big (after it was still out of some resources with the other party), but at the time he also directly denied it, because I also said it There is no relationship with him, so it can be an oolong.

As far as the inner fish is in the request of the artist, there will be no one is willing to take the future. In fact, there are many people such as this kind of choice, but everyone can be cautious, even if there is discovered After a little marks, I will arrange an irregular gossip to cover up this fact. Huade also said that the media's attitude towards this kind of artist is that even if it is taken, it will not be disclosed directly, so it is basically not to destroy people.

Finally, Huapo still wants to bless Peng Yuxi, hoping that he will stand firm, then develop his own career!

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