Chinese Movie: The rise of Wu Jing and "painting the land are prison", the truth of Hong Kong and the mainland movies

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Chinese Movie: The rise of Wu Jing and "painting the land are prison", the truth of Hong Kong and the mainland movies

2022-01-15 06:04:58 6 ℃

In the text card. Tang tears

In 1996, Wu Jing embedded on a big screen with a "Kung Fu Xiaozi".

Obviously, there is a copy of Li Lianjie's ideas.

But in addition to the baby's face and the land, there is no more things, not to mention the "Shaolin Temple" of Li Lianjie in that year.

From this time.

His image is linked to the Hong Kong Camera.

This road went for twenty years.

But I have never seen it too much.

The reason is that the Hong Kong movie itself is in the process of recession. The two from the mainland's actors and resources are impossible to have too much inclined. With the rise of Donniardan, other actors are in the action movie. Resources will look more lacking.

This is actually normal.

In the year of Hong Kong's shadow, he and Chen Musheng director have a big harvest.

In the impression, he is amazing in Hong Kong films, almost from the arms of the school, such as the nature of "male nature", its clean and neat hand and overbearing gas field, it is unforgettable, even grab Take the lead of the protagonist Nicholas Tse.

In 2015, under the suggestion of the guidelines, Wu Jing returned to the mainland movie to direct the "Wolf", and the box office exceeded 500.

Real outbreaks come from two years later, "Wolf 2" is on the top of the box office in the mainland.

Wu Jing is rushing to Tianfei.

But more like a "black" state.

It is a public opinion that is "kidnapped with patriotic feelings".

In fact, I will return to "Wolf 2".

Is the value of 5.6 billion boxes? Of course.

A military action movie, regardless of the story, fighting and special effects, all value return prices.

In the end, from the 2012 "Thai" blowout, the mainland movie is fully oppressed Hong Kong movies.

It's just that the Hong Kong movie people are still very unconscious.

They just doubt, why don't the mainland audience don't like to watch Hong Kong movies?

The tradition of Hong Kong movie has always been "spending money to do something big." If you are familiar with the audience of old Hong Kong film, you will be impressed with its "crude abuse", they will use the movie to do units, such as ten and a half months. A movie, time short cost is naturally low, and other clothing channels are also province.

This tradition is deeply rooted, so the Hong Kong movie is very hysteresis while the mainland flow and industry.

Also want to rely on Hong Kong-style stories and vision, and rhythm to attract audiences, this idea is already very outdated.

This is now, Hong Kong movies have only the truth of more than one billion box office.

In the mainland city, it will only be an accident with Xiao Bao University.

Turn a look at the box office three movies in the past years, except "Hello, Li Huanying", there is no strong lineup and large investment, it is just like these six Hong Kong movies.

For individuals of the filmmaker.

Starting from "Wolf 2", Wu Jing has "painted the floor".

I am free to looked at it, from "Wandering Earth", "I and My Motherland" to "Climbers", "I and My Hometown", "Jin Dynasty", "Changjin Lake", "I and Mr." "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ""

He has opened a large-scale route, but the dominance, no one is not super big production.

From these movies, Wu Jing has also found the idea of ​​the most suitable for him, or can be induced as "military, tough guy, loyalty, and perseverance".

Every actor has their own directions.

For example, the latest "Changjin Lake", Wu Jing is indeed "a fire in the heart, there is light in the eyes", and the military in the movie is simply customized to Wu Jing.

So this kind of "painting the floor is a prison", perhaps it is the direction of his heart.

Hong Kong movies are not only lost, but also in terms of vision, pattern and technology.

In addition to the new champion "Changjin Lake", there is also "Wolf 2", "which is the magic", "Wandering Earth" and "I am not a drug god", "Tang people" and "crazy Alien, etc., history, war, action, animation, science fiction, comedy and realistic subjects are full of flowering, which is a comprehensive upgrade of a film industry.

This is the truth of Wu Jing and Xu Wei, Huang Wei, Wang Baoqiang and Shen Teng and other mainland film.

In the phase, Hong Kong is indeed weakly counter-powered by Liu Dehua, Liang Chaowei and Guo Fucheng as the core.

This is not a single soldier of the movie.

Instead, from resources to all-round competitions in the technical level.

In the moment, the subject of Hong Kong movie people is good at, or there is only three categories of actions, vigilancers and small cost cultivations.

The biggest problem is the exhaustion of talents. There are still several big coffee support, and the moving movie is basically in the endless situation, and small cost cultures cannot talk about the problems of business fighting.

The rise of Wu Jing.

It is one of the symbols of the comprehensive upgrade of the mainland.

And the sade of Hong Kong movies.

It is also an inevitable trend.

Not reversible.