Small S new program scale is too big, asked small fresh meat for one night, but also talk about private topics

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Small S new program scale is too big, asked small fresh meat for one night, but also talk about private topics

2022-01-15 06:05:41 51 ℃

After the end of the "Kangxi came" record, Xiaoxiao once again tried personal variety, she led the "Xi Xi to chat" to return to everyone, the show, the small S often play the spirit and funny Hosting the style, and the guest inserted, causing countless smiles. Among the latest programs, small S invited friends who got to meet many years, and this period is still a laugh, and the scale is still very large.

Before the Chengqing has not arrived, the little s has been unveiled in the whole, and she wears a black V-neck dress, the momentum is full, the queen is full. The little s beside the two small fresh meat, she can't help but start ridicule and torture each other, ask yourself like three children's mother? The little fresh meat will speak very much, and it is said that "completely see". I didn't think of the little s, but I got to the end, I wandered that the other party didn't want to be with myself, boldly asked the other party's full stylus, and the small S is full of satisfying the topic.

After the small S and Yucheng meet, there is no convergence, and the two people began to discuss micro-plastic surgery. He Chengqing claimed that he did not play on his face. I didn't want my face to be stiff. I hope I naturally go, and little s in Yu Chengqing Under the question, indirectly admit that he has done micro-integer, but the little s has three children, the work intensity is also very large, and it can be kept so good, and the mentality has fallen a lot.

As a public figure, I am very worried that it is wrong, but the little s will take the scale, see it, so she can get so many people. Little S often likes to be black, and even a big square in the show. Since it is possible to say, this is also a thing that is a child.

In the previous program, Xiao S invited Jia Jingwen, she loving his wife's topic, let Ja Jingwen can't stand in the court, straightforwardly ask for a boldly asked forced to divorce himself and husband, Xiao S revealed that he and husband It's already a old husband, I didn't have a feeling of love, and she turned and went to ask Jia Jingwen to marry the feeling than her 9-year-old man. I also asked Jia Jingwen to marry for seven years, and the Xunjie will still have a heart. I feel, I will ask if I let Jau Jingwen let Q Jia Jingwen can't say anything. I don't know who can hold such a small S like this?

Running, the little s has such a good championship and her character. Before Sun Yijian is interacting with fans, but he is questioned to become an ugly, and the little s immediately sunbares his own Su Yanzhao, the priority is quite Goddess, she believes that everyone will be old, the mentality is the most important. Her three views are very positive, and as a sense of female girl, I have also got a lot of netizens.

The Taiwan entertainment circle is so small, can be red for so many years, it is not everyone who can do it. The little S will not really violate the other's privacy. Before Wang Lihong, in the face of the media guess, the little s never responded. It is said that when there is a stem, how can someone who have a tendon?