After Huo Qigang successfully elected, the Father Luo Kangrui helped him pave the way, investing 17 billion in the Mainland?

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After Huo Qigang successfully elected, the Father Luo Kangrui helped him pave the way, investing 17 billion in the Mainland?

2022-01-15 06:04:47 16 ℃

Fok was elected to succeed the Hong Kong Legislative Council, also shows that he really is what the people, after all, I am doing all these years, many people also see in the eyes, in mind. And his family background but also to the outside world a lot of people feel impressed.

From the beginning of his grandfather Henry Fok, a person do a lot of things for the country and the people. Moreover, his wife as an Olympic diving champion Guo Jingjing, I believe it to his campaign to add a lot of power.

In fact, in addition to his own efforts, family background and his wife's sake, Fok stepfather Vincent Lo may also contribute, because Fok was elected forefoot, rear foot Vincent Lo to do a big deal. That is invested in the mainland seventeen billion, bought the right to use land a core Wuchang District of Wuhan.

Vincent Lo for this behavior, many people have speculated that perhaps he was influenced by his ex-wife Loletta of Timothy Fok. Why do you say that? On the relationship between Vincent Lo and Timothy Fok, Loletta, we had to start from 1977. Then Loletta won the Miss Hong Kong champion was known to the public.

And Timothy Fok and Vincent Lo also took a fancy vivid colors and moving, she may eventually Timothy Fok high ahead of a move, Loletta will become his wife. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the story is always full of romance, but the wealthy living in depressed tired heart Loletta allows endless.

Wear jewelry need to first fill out the registration IOUs, because not at liberty to show their faces, she would like to shop Timothy Fok also to force stop. Plus later came the sex scandal Timothy Fok and emotional, all these things eventually chose to separate from the Loletta Timothy Fok.

At first, many people think that the wealthy have opened Loletta gonna be very sad, but who knows she turned and married another wealthy. This man is the first person Vincent Lo, Miss Fok of Hong Kong as a married mother Loletta giants.

The year after she and your son Timothy Fok wealthy divorce, and two married rich Vincent Lo, it can be said to stir a lot of people. The Fok I guess we did not think his mother is fifty years old, had been able to marry two giants found him a stepfather. But compared to the peace Loletta and Timothy Fok broke up. Vincent Lo and his wife separated, it will inevitably be criticized by the outside world.

It is said that Vincent Lo originally there was to accompany him all the way and hard work of his wife, but in order to pursue Loletta. Later, Vincent Lo chose to separate from her, but also because of this, two biological children Vincent Lo somewhat resigned to him, not only do not want to have dealings with him, even reluctant to take over Vincent Lo career.

But compared to Vincent Lo's biological children, three brothers, Kenneth stepfather Although this is not close, but still is more respected. On the other side, because very fond Loletta Vincent Lo, perhaps ask some questions, so after the election, Mr Fok success, many people speculated Vincent Lo will suddenly invest in the mainland.

Perhaps you want to pave the way for future Fok, after all this time before a point after it is too coincidental, inevitably feels a bit more like.

But some people think that Vincent Lo, this approach really is no relationship with Fok, business planning should be just plain nothing. The external reason for this question. But also because Mr. Lo had been questioned Li Ka-shing II.

2012, Li Ka-shing polishing industry in the mainland, hundreds of billions of cash destined for British investment. This statement moves while Li Ka-shing, naturally aroused the concern of many of Hong Kong businessmen, then a lot of people also followed the footsteps of Li Ka-shing, began to cash in foreign investment in the mainland.

At that time, Mr. Lo is one of them, when he gave the mainland a lot of industry sold, cash a lot of money. Therefore, when many people have speculated that he might become the number two Li Ka-shing, but people feel more unexpected thing is, though Vincent Lo chose to follow the trend of cash, but he did not hand the money to invest abroad, but their the business had some adjustments, then these funds invested again to the mainland.

Thus, Vincent Lo and probably will not become a second Li Ka-shing, Vincent Lo, but this time spent seventeen billion investment in it, more people are still willing to believe, this is not a simple business plan. After all, look at now the mainland real estate company, the living conditions are very worrying.

For example, Hengda's debt is almost as high as two trillion, the Country Garden Vanke's situation and is not optimistic. Vincent Lo, so people think it so perhaps affected Loletta help just a successful election campaign Fok.

But having said that, regardless of Vincent Lo This statement is not to move in the end Fok, Fok image in the public mind is very good, even a lot of people believe that his future might be able to become a brother in Hong Kong. So your views and opinions on this and how is it?