TVB "500 million horses" is going to rise!He jumped excitedly, a rich wife

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TVB "500 million horses" is going to rise!He jumped excitedly, a rich wife

2022-01-15 06:05:51 18 ℃

On January 13, the Hong Kong performance industry came out of a good news: TVB famous couple Zheng Junhong and He Yanxi doubled were exploded as Mom and Dad, more than a year after marriage, their good news has finally passed out.

The same as the TVB artist's He Yanshi and Zheng Junhong announced their marriage in November this year, and a grand wedding was held in November, and more than 300 guests were invited.

He Yanye has a rumor of pregnancy, and the two are denied.

This couple has issued a short message on a social network on the 11th.

The two stood in the window of the villa, and the "dear little baby)", this song is created by He Yanxi, and the bride uses a dog to protect his belly, all this All Hong Kong media believe that they are pregnant.

Until 13, all questions have been known. He Yanshi and Zheng Junhong announced his good news on his social media and announced that it is a newcomer.

He Yanshi issued a message about himself, sharing his story in June, her mother dreams for many years, in this year, her desire is finally reached, and she still I married a man.

She spent a lot of time to praise her husband. When she was pregnant, he had always carested her, and the predict that Zheng Junhong will definitely be a very good father.

He Yanyi is looking forward to making some funny things like his father. Can he sing? Martial arts and golf? After thinking about it, He Yanshi finally believes that his son's kindness, healthy and happiness is the most important.

In addition to the microblogging, He Yanshi also took a combination of photos. .

Zheng Junhong is a long writing, writing his father's feelings. He also disclosed that his child will be born in mid-June, and his child will also usher in a "emotional storm".

Zheng Junhong was very excited, but it was very happy, but he would be afraid, he would worry, because he is about to come to this complete strange world.

Zheng Junhong issued a photo, he laughed with firecrackers, and a high three meters high, an excitement of a face.

He Yanye is around him, she is not high, but it is also a happy, I want to be very happy.

When two people got married, the media had a big hostility for Zheng Junhong, because he had a lot of rumors about him, and even called "Century Slag Men".

And He Yashi's father is also exposed by Hong Kong media, a logistics giant of a fortune. He Yanye is from the giants, from the small is a Jinyiyu, live in a luxurious villa.

Zheng Junhong married her, equivalent to earning six billion, which is "high climbing" of about 52 billion.

In this wedding, He Yanshi worn as a luxury, her neck hanged a huge gold fat pig, and the five-pair of gold bracelets were wearing a five-pair of gold bracelets, and the hands were three diamonds, plus one. Golden phoenix ring, can be seen from their identity.

Although everyone doesn't like them, they already have more feelings, and now I have finally have "crystallization of love". They also hope that He Yanshi can have a child to have a smooth child and let them be together forever.