Dapeng insisted on Zhao Yingjun's last microblog report, this situation, this scene is fascinating

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Dapeng insisted on Zhao Yingjun's last microblog report, this situation, this scene is fascinating

2022-01-15 06:05:38 22 ℃

Music people, actor Zhao Yingjun died in the past another year. In this year, there were a lot of things in the entertainment circle, and various news layers emerged. How many people remember him in this public memory of only seven seconds?

One person did not forget him, this person is Zhao Yingjun's friend Dong Chengpeng. Since Zhao Yinglang died, every time, Dapeng will leave a message in Zhao Yingjun's last Weibo. It seems that Zhao Yingjun's Weibo has become a tree hole of Dapeng.

Dapeng's recent message is January 12th, that day is Dapeng's birthday, he said to the old friends who passed away: I am forty years old today.

Dapeng's practice, it is very emotion, and I don't know where to say.

The death is a phased. From a large aspect, you can be divided into three stages.

The first stage: is the end of the life, the death of the life, and the death of medical judgment.

The second stage: the end of the life of the social angle. After this stage, the funeral, account and other information are logged out, the deceased life is in conjunction, and everything will be fixed.

The third stage: the dead is completely forgotten, no one thinks of them, and some people will discuss them. This is the real death, it seems that people who have passed away from the future.

Zhao Yingjun was very fortunate. He has friends such as Dapeng, let the public think of him from time to time, discuss him. He has not until the third stage, and his life continues in some way.

However, Dapeng is doing this, but people feel that it is not a taste. Some people say: give a message to the dead - do a living person.

Emotional tree cave means what? People who mean that they don't want to know. Otherwise, the tree cave is meaningless.

Zhao Yingjun's Weibo can see, the same message is the same. With his Weibo as a tree hole, we don't know that Dapeng has the meaning of hype.

If so, do this practice?

In recent years, Dapeng's activity is not high, and the cause seems to meet bottlenecks. Online programs and short dramas, Dapeng is too far from "Dapeng," "Dapeng Men" scenery is too far. Movie, Dapeng also didn't have a sensational work like "Panbra" "Sewing Machine Band".

If you search for Dong Chengpeng's news, there is such an entry: Why is Dong Chengpeng not fire?

It can be seen that Dapeng needs exposure, otherwise, he will be forgotten by the public. There is no way, the people who mix the entertainment circles are artistic life.

What should Dapeng should do? Find a topic speculation. In this regard, he has an inner department.

I remember his online program "Dapeng 嘚 嘚" just broadcast, he once touched the "Conan Xiu" of Conan in the United States. Later, you came to me, finally, Conan also gave him a good one.

The film door event made Dapeng's show a while.

This matter, Dapeng didn't have a good trip, and some people suspect his character.

Today, he does not stop in Zhao Yingjun's Weibo, it is difficult to not let people doubt his purpose.

Perhaps, he wants to find the emotional resonance with the audience. After all, the deceased is big, the fairy friendship is a very good marketing topic, isn't it?

Don't believe you over the past 2021, as long as Dong Chengpeng's news, most of them are nostalgic content. In addition, he seems to have something else.

However, he and Zhao Yingjun's friendship is true, two people have always worked hard, support each other, and fight together in the entertainment industry. He missed his old friend, and we can't say anything.

Is it friendship? Still hype? Maybe both?

Not clear.

We can only have a lot of emotions, then don't know how to evaluate this matter.

Perhaps, life is the case, all everything is comparative, we can't view things around you with a clear view of black and white.