Former CCTV advertising consultant Ye Maozhong, only 54 years old, Ye Wei sent a mourning

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Former CCTV advertising consultant Ye Maozhong, only 54 years old, Ye Wei sent a mourning

2022-01-15 12:04:25 16 ℃

On the evening of January 14, Ye Hao sent a "advertising madman" Ye Maozhong, Ye Wei wrote in the text: "I think I am older, recently, there are friends I know, I have to cherish every day. Living days, I can't live in the world, I hope that the world is in the world, you will be happy, and you will be happy. "

According to media reports, "advertising madman" Ye Mao was died in Shanghai on January 13, 2022, only 54 years old.

In November 2020, Ye Mao was in the chat with friends. He had exposed his late cancer. In chemotherapy, he did not expect to fight for a year after a year, or not to defeat the disease.

Ye Mao is a famous marketing planning expert and brand management expert, and Ye Maozhong marketing planning agency founder and chairman, who has also served as a CCTV advertising consultant, and Tsinghua University special professor.

Ye Mao entered the advertising circle in 1989, and created his advertising company. In 1996, "advertisers" was published, and more than 10,000 books were sold in the first month, and Ye Mao was also known in the advertising world.

Ye Mao was designing slogans for many well-known brands. Many classic slogans made these brands in the brain by the audience. Zhao Benshan's "Earth people know" in advertising, "30-year-old people 60 years old The heart, the 60-year-old person is 30 years old "" Men should pay attention to himself "and other familiar classic slogans are from the hands of Ye Maozhong.

Among them, "men should pay attention to themselves" is called the top ten popular words in China.

Ye Maozhong was called "advertising madman" in the industry, and there is countless award in his life. It has been rated as China's marketing, planning, advertising ten years, and released in September, "2021 China Top Ten Marketing Planning Co., Ltd. "Medium, Ye Mao is the top of the top."

The death of Ye Mao is a major loss in the advertising world. Many of the netizens who study advertising have expressed their sadness and regret, and the message mourning said: "Thank you, Qi Qi Qi teacher" "I wish you a good future" .