The new box office shocked 800 million, Zhu Yilong swims hot because of tunneling, Huang Zhizhong has become true

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The new box office shocked 800 million, Zhu Yilong swims hot because of tunneling, Huang Zhizhong has become true

2022-01-15 12:04:46 21 ℃

Time, unconsciously, I was quietly arrived on January 12th, the Spring Festival is coming, the high-profile 2022 Lunar New Year's box office war is about to start, before this, the same cross-year slowly came to an end, the box office There are many "love myths", including the "love myth" of the Douban score, "Love myth", comedy "Li Maozhao", "through the cold winter embrace you", etc., which is from Huang Wei, Jia Ling, Zhu Yilong and other strengths to lead the actors The starring "Through the cold winter hugs you" sends a championship champion, with an ultra-high box office to account for the proportion of "anti-vloys" theme film works in the gathering of ten big cofforms.

"Through the cold winter hugs you", it is enough to interpret Wuhan people to hug hopes and heart through a small story. When Wuhan encountered a sudden "Fengcheng", people have experienced brief mistakes, quickly calm down, and cooperate with medical workers against the "epidemic", and finally heard the moon, winning the victory, and everyone can finally give each other. Hug, let life return to the right track.

After a movie is released, netizens tend to judge its quality through the box office and Douban score, "Hugging you" is also the same, as of January 12, the total box office of the film has reached 749 million, far exceeded And "Li Mao as the prince" and other movies, currently this new work is strikeing 800 million box office, as long as it keeps box office growth and drainage, "hugging you through the cold winter" will have a higher level. Look at the score of Douban, although "crossing the winter hugs you" rating is only 6 points, but the "gold cup silver cup, it is not as good as the audience", "hugging you through the cold winter" to win the favor of the audience.

Into the world that "embracing you through the cold winter", there are many plots in tears. For example, good sisters Xiao Xiao (Zhou Dong Yuji) died due to work, Wu Ge (Jia Liling) is in the process of calling with boyfriend Ye, weeping For example, the old grandmother Xie Qin and the love commitment of Pei Wai; such as the death of Ye teacher, etc. In this way, the very dedicated Zhu Yilong also saved the hot discussion due to the empty spot of the flower.

Into the "Zhu Yilong repeated wrestling, Jia Ling repeatedly cares" the topical square, the first-line platform officials in the circle "The new highlights" passing through the cold winter ", then wrote: Zhu Yilong in order to achieve the best performance, he refused to wear The knee pads, I fell again and again, Jia Ling asked Zhu Yulong, and hoped that he can wear knee pads.

In the face of everyone's concern, Zhu Yilong said: there is no relationship, there is no relationship! In the last play (the movie "peak"), I have been wrestling, I have learned, really nothing! Seeing Zhu Yilong so hard to "practice" fell, fans spitted: This is a good actor dedicated, I didn't see the wrong person! There is also a fan blunt: Ye Teacher is goodbye, look forward to Zhu Yilong's new role "life big things" three sisters!

Zhu Yilong said that "the peak show", Zhu Yilong, who has already closed, Zhu Yilong pro, complete a large number of high difficult movements, the fell is more than a few counts, and commented on this bone Huang Zhizhong: Zhu Yilong is a very dedicated, very Serious young actors, he made me surprised! Huang Zhizhong has become true. It is true that Zhu Yilong is indeed challenging himself. Going to every role, giving blessings to an unprecedented Zhu Yilong, looking forward to meeting the new work "Life Maturity" as soon as possible.