"The Lion Teenager" is over "Hacker Empire 4", and the aesthetics of Chinese audiences have indeed improved.

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"The Lion Teenager" is over "Hacker Empire 4", and the aesthetics of Chinese audiences have indeed improved.

2022-01-15 12:02:58 17 ℃

Preface: The world's classic classic science fiction giant "hacker empire" series is "hacker empire: matrix restart" (hereinafter referred to as "hacking empire 4"), released on January 14, 2022. The top three director Laña Warosky continued to be directed, starring Niu Rivis and Kerry-An Moss, and continued to play Nio and Cui Nii.

In the top three of the "Hacker Empire" series, Neo was saved from the matrix and became the savior of all mankind, and in the fourth part, he would have to retreat to the old industry, once again make a choice for the future . "Hacker Empire" "Hacker Empire 2: Reissue Mount" "Hacker Empire 3: Matrix Revolution", on March 31, 1999, released on November 5, 2003, respectively, on November 5, 2003.

That is to say: The recent "Hacker Imperial 3" is released, and it is now nearly 19 years. Nakon Rivis was born in 1964. When he first played "hacker empire", he was only 35 years old, and now it is 58 years old. Although I can't talk about a weak crown boy, it is also a young glow, and now it is a middle-aged blessing, or even the old dragon bell.

Ninu Rivis left a long hair, accumulated that Hu, even the beard was still white, completely found that the original feelings were found. The reason why "Hacker Empire" is very popular in China, not just because of science fiction elements, but also because of Kung Fu elements. Nakanu Rivis has a large number of Chinese Kungfu scenes, but can't see it in the fourth part.

The "Hacker Imperial 4" was released on the first day in mainland China, with a piece of discharged to 25.2%, and there was no suspense. However, the "hacker's Empire 4" is only 3.5%, which is the lowest in 18 movies. Non-famous entertainment people Wu Qingmeng pointed out that even the controversial domestic animated movie "Lion Teenager" has 7.6%, but only 1% of the drainage rate is only 1%.

The aesthetics of Chinese audiences have indeed improved, and they will not be paid in the style of Hollywood because the "hack of the Empire 4" is. There are two shortcomings in "Hacker Empire 4": First, the story of "Hacker Empire 4" is too complicated, and the average person is ugly. Second, Nun Rivis is too old, and Kerry An Moss seems to be old than Nun Rivis.

But there is no way, Nun Rivis and Kerry An Moss are the protagonist of men and women, even if they are old, they should continue. And "Lion Teenager" has also made a similar error: the man is also designed too ugly, and he is small, and he is deducted with the "insulting" hat. Throwing the controversy of "Blinking", "Lion Teenager" is actually a good movie.

The last session of "Lion Teenager" is higher than the "Hacker Empire 4", which means that the voice of "Lion Teenager" is gradually small, and the ordinary audience can accept "Lion Teenager" and have not been disturbed by external factors. If the "hack of the Imperial 4" drain can be given to the "Lion Teenager", the latter's single box office is not so low.

Discussion: "Hacker Empire 4" and "Lion Teenager", which one do you prefer?