The male dress also wears a woman's underwear, this box office blood loss film, exposes the viocity of the director

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The male dress also wears a woman's underwear, this box office blood loss film, exposes the viocity of the director

2022-01-15 12:05:10 50 ℃

There is a very mysterious figure during the Warring States Period.

He is the nasal ancestor of the vague, the military and the competition, and is honored by the future as "Sheng".

However, compared to Wang Yu's name, another name "Ghost Valley" is more widely known.

In recent years, whether it is a film and television drama or anime work, it will often mention the ghost valley and his ghosts.

This kind of age is clearly aware of the space in creation.

However, the recent release of the online movie "Spirit of the Decisive Tomb", its perfunctory attitude cannot be said to be created, can only say the porcelain.

According to the background introduction, the ghost Valley Games have been walking during the rivers and lakes, and there is a footprint in Nanyang and Toyo.

Later, the two ninja geni, the two ninja geni, Japan, is from the ghost valley.

In order to revive the family, the two gods in the unmanned Mo Yuancheng City study secret "giant soldiers".

This has caused the two families to be buried in the city.

Thereafter, there was a recording of the sheep skin rolls in the detailed point in Moyuan City, causing the horses of each road, and the ghost valley "hero" is also one.

The movie started with a lot of lenses to explain this background, so that the plot has a big relationship with Ghost Valley.

In actually, when the plot is advanced, whether it is a martial arts, or the final agent, there is no relationship with Ghost Games.

Just forced a famous head.

If you don't say it in the film, it is said that it is Taoist, ink home, yin Yang family, etc., it will not have too much violation, because from beginning to end, it is just a head, there is no actual connection.

The most funny thing is that the so-called secret "giant god" actually only three drugs.

Just hit a needle on yourself, it will be poisoned immediately, then get a big powerful ability.

Three needles go, you think there will be any change, but the result is almost anti-pharmaceutical.

It is such a medicament that is useless, actually provokes the handsome, Japanese warrior, and the bandits and other messengers.

This setting is actually a ridiculous.

For film and television dramas, if you let the protagonist look for treasures, then this treasure will generally be set to real, then because some reasons are not finally got.

This will make the audience feel that the middle of the hard work is worth it. Finally, I didn't get it just a bit slightly regret.

"The Tomb of the Tomb" anti-aversion, let everyone fight for death, it will spend a lot of time to put a lot, and the secret surgery is a special chicken rib.

The unreasonable director is a must-have a back pot.

The core main line is set to this, and the development of plot is even more difficult.

The man has to hear the command to grab the sheep leather roll from the commander of the master.

However, from the man's ability to kill dozens of people from the man's play, say he was asked to play with a happiness.

This is entirely able to felt the master, but also leave.

At the end of the story, the master appeared, and said, "Where do I want to go, who can stop me?"

Director setting this story is that there is no brain in the audience?

Other details, it is even more difficult.

The male owned the sheepskin roll that the nine cow two tiger was only got, and it was placed on the saddle, and then he was stolen by the female master.

According to normal logic, the more precious things will be put in touch, and it will never lose it.

The purpose of this plot is to lead the first time when the male owner is with the female owner, but the plot setting is particularly naive.

There is still a lot of plots of back logic behind, and even exposes the violtaic taste of the director.

When robbing the organ box in the middle, the male second and female two women dress men's clothing, a male dress hiding on the second floor.

The purpose of camouflage is to want to be ignored by yourself, and provide covering to the back.

As a result, two people deliberately changed to the opposite body, in addition to anything more than even more attention in the plot.

If the director wants to make this plot into a smile, it is obviously a failure.

Later, the male second was arrested, and the female anti-piping smashed his coat whole.

At this time, the male two wearing a lady underwear and suffered a torture.

What is this?

You can understand the present makeup in front of the male dress, and you can understand it. Inside the underwear replace it into a woman, what is the meaning of camouflage?

The smell of the director can be seen.

In the manufacture of contradictions and resolved contradictions, the director also used a lot of techniques that make people feel unknown.

For example, the male and the female owner meet again is in an noodle, in order to bring the relationship between the two, it will help it with a hammer.

The hammer gave the female owner, and then the male is unexpectedly fired, and she has to teach the hammer.

When the male master has conflicted with the Japanese warrior, the hammer helped them to save them.

Although the hammer is helping to have a contradiction between the Japanese Samurai, there is no reason to save the male owner of the eye.

"Spike of the Decisive Tomb" The whole film looks down that you will start to suspect how there will be such a wonderful movie.

Then I checked the director's information and found that he only had such a work.

Then it is not difficult to understand why the various plots have been treated such a hermented rate.

This movie has been online for 9 days. The box office is only 343,000, and netizens commented is a bad review.