40-year-old Zhuo Yiting, this has changed her ending, and the glory of the past is not going.

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40-year-old Zhuo Yiting, this has changed her ending, and the glory of the past is not going.

2022-01-15 12:05:12 35 ℃

On October 2, 40-year-old Zhuo Ting released his birthday blessings in Weibo, also with a photo of his own.

Looking at the photo couldn't help but remember the "age secret" related to Zhuo Ting, this is a beautiful misunderstanding.

Zhuo Ting, born in 81, often mistakenly considered the singer of the 1970s, because she was too early.

And her listener is also very wide, people in different ages have, and everyone has misunderstanding her age.

Seeing Zhuo Ting's photo, she seems to be frozen, she is on her, and she is 40 years old but not to lose young actress.

And how is Zhuo Ting, who lived in this day? Still your memory?

Zhuo Ting, who was born in Taiwan, China was the real child star, just asked at Terminal when he was five years old.

Then she was in the film and television circle and the song, but it tried to make Zhuo Yiting a goddess of everyone or her sweet song.

Like many excellent singers, Zhuo Yiting showed the talents in singing from small.

And her parents also support her, and she also took her to Teacher He Shenglong as a teacher.

Originally worry-free childhood, Zhuo Yiting is used to learn singing and dancing, and these deposits also let Zhuo Yiting are red to Southeast Asia.

But such excellent Zhuo Ting is still questioned by many people, a song-type singer really worthy of this?

In fact, this is the biggest misunderstanding of her. Although Zhuo Yiting covers thousands of songs, there are many songs being praised to exceed the original sing.

She also has a lot of original songs, and Zhuo Yiting, which has the foundation of Huangmei Opera, has created a lot of songs with their own characteristics.

"Huangmei Opera · Small Stress Album" is a rushing strength. Whether it is still in the past, it is very nice.

Compared with some net red artificial singing, Zhuo Yiting's professional attitude is really admirable, truly cultural communication and heritage.

Just when Zhuo Ting Big Red Dafu, she suddenly disappeared until now, it has been in the past 20 years, and some people still misunderstand Zhuoying.

This Oulong event made Zhuo Yiting have supported a lot of negative news, but it is also the fermentation of these negative news to disappear Zhuo Yiting decided to return.

The career is in the rising period, the work is very busy, often running in China, and she has a very serious stomach disease.

Plus all kinds of pressures after the fame, only 18-year-old Zhuo Yiting decided to quit the entertainment circle.

When everyone guess the cause of her, a message about her accident was passed.

In fact, it is just a similar person, but the power of public opinion is terrible, no matter how Zhuo Ting explains, it is impossible to erase the impact of this rumor.

One time fans don't know how to be good, therefore, this time, Zhuo Yiting's album sales have also been influenced, and some outrageous news said that there is a Zhuo Ting's identity.

In this way, Zhuo Yiting chooses to be brave enough to clarify the rumors. It has disappeared in the public's vision for so long.

Since 2006, Zhuo Yiting launched a lot of concerts, but the feedback received is not very good.

This is not strange, but the era is too fast, too many outstanding singers have emerged, and more and more songs are accepted by the public.

Zhuo Yiting, stayed in our memory, is still very good, just lacking some new things.

And the era of entertainment, Zhuo Yiting chooses to keep your heart, she is not willing to rely on hype and packaging to support, the exposure is less, there is no focus of public opinion, and the traffic is naturally not ideal.

She has never had a black material, although she is still very low, she is still very low.

She rarely participates in the activity of the blind, focusing on their own song creation, so she rarely appears in front of the fans in the face of their own songs.

This is why many people mention Zhuoying, and it is not impressed by her.

But when I heard Zhuo Yiting's song, the reason for the picture can be seen in my mind, although Zhuo Yiting is hard to return to the peak period, but her return is still very happy.

I don't know how many people's childhood birthdays are accompanied by Zhuo Yiting's happy birthday songs?

In June this year, Zhuo Yiting retired classic again in front of us.

In the video, Zhuo Yiting wearing retro clothes, the surrounding dance also jumped with dance in the 1990s, and even the trembled background has restored the stage in the song MV of the year.

This strong atmosphere suddenly pulled the people back to childhood, could not help but sigh a classic never time.

In a wave of retro boom, short video creators set off, there are few shadows of Zhuoying.

When I was a small calendar girl, the poster of the mall francs was Zhuo Yiting to leave our memory, which is also her era, although some shortcomings, but it is also worthy.

Now, now the spokesperson of "Sweet Song", netizens will start arguing, in fact, Zhuo Yiting and Yang Yuying have the title of Sweet Song.

At that time, a popular China, a red all over China, and each time mentioned two people, there will always be a media to point the spear of public opinion to Zhuo Yiting's children.

Zhuo Yiting, who believes to be born is a lot of aging, in fact, in fact, the years will leave traces, Zhuo Yiting and Yang Yuying have left many of the classics to us, which is unswerexed.

In the work and life, Zhuo Yiting has always been a very low-key person. She doesn't care about it. The marriage and birthmons are not big! Just sharing my marriage in Weibo and fans.

She is immersed in her own happiness. For her daughter, Zhuo Yiting did not deliberately interfere, because she didn't put himself in the position of the star.

Instead, as a mother, on her social platform, we can always see the intimate photo of her and her daughter, and she also share their own mother and daughter everyday.

The communication is vivid and interesting, compared to the high-profile life of some star layers, so Zhuo Yiting makes the fan call too much.

It seems that the neighbor's sister, faded that Zhuo Ting, the joyful light on the stage, also recruits it.

"I am still there, I have never left, I am still there, I have always been" this is Zhuo Yiting's new single "I am still" in April this year.

It seems to be a silent shout, but there is no grilled grievance, but a yearning for life and hopes.

No matter how long, Zhuo Yiting is always a picture of the little girl in our hearts, and it will have been sweet as her song.