"Put Waffles" Abao's history, his story is not "ten evil"

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"Put Waffles" Abao's history, his story is not "ten evil"

2022-01-15 12:05:22 18 ℃

CCTV "Star Avenue" has created countless grassroots singer, there is a sheep scarf small white jade, and the long-awaited kid, and has been famous in this stage.

In the same year, the Phoenix Legend is combined, relying on a champion who won the "Shan Dan Dan Huahong Yanyan", it has become a well-deserved "Grasson Song King", he is Abao.

He used his high-spirited male high-calorie, from the "Star Avenue", the first month of the championship to the annual championship, with the strength of the "civilian actor", as a "civilian actor", boarded the CCTV Spring Festival Evening.

And he rely on folk artist's head, plus the blessing of CCTV Spring Festival Evening, truly tasted the red sweet.

Abao invited a variety of party, and the large program recorded, and the wind was just a few albums, but when he was not asah, when he was red, the lie cried all the efforts, Abao's Falling also became the sorrow of the entertainment circle.

In 1969, a little boy named Zhang Shaozhen was born in a small village in Datong, Shanxi.

Although the family is poor, for the child's learning and interest, but the parents do not dare to neglect.

Of course, Zhang Shaozhen is also very strong, and it is more affected by the local civil affairs.

That year, I still follow the small partner hills, Zhang Shaozhen, who took the fish, was also a "Abao", which is a "Abao" by the small partner because of the owner of the TV series.

Just who didn't expect it at the time, he will explode in the music folk song in the music world in the future.

And his music enlightenment teacher is actually a local man who loves to sing.

The seeds of art have been bothered by him, only 4 years old, and Abao's singing talent has been revealed on the solo stage.

Middle school has been a representative of the literary class, and it has clearly made his future development goals. At the age of 12, he took advantage of the art school in excellent results, and it is not intended to work hard, but at the time. Give it easily.

This is a much more humiliating, can't be humiliated, and not far is much more than disappointing.

This experience has become the shadow of his chasing, and the shadow that is not going, and it has buried a film for him.

After the arms of the professional music learning, Abao has also generated the psychology of learning. At the age of teenage, Abao took the heart in his heart, and some money took some money in Beijing.

This is his first time to leave home for your own music, full of expectation to enter the Central Music Academy to plan, but not waiting for Abao embrace after the beauty of the music college, the reality once again splasd the basin cold water. .

Since the age is too small, the Abao is advised to return to Shanxi, and he is only 15 years old.

But after returning home, after experiencing the musical dreams of breaking the unsuccessful unsuccessful, the inner restless division has begun to instise.

So, 17-year-old still in the high school Abao, I chose to leave home.

Only he did this, did not plan to test professional music colleges, but he only came to Guangzhou, and that once made countless "stray singer" successful dreams.

But it is also because of this full of blood, let Abao lose the opportunity to conduct regular training in professional colleges.

So in the years of his dreams, because he did not know any vocal skills, he would only sing the scorpion in the mountains, and there were many singing games in many singing competitions.

A Bao, who was reached again and again, still reluctant to commit, until later, there was also a music tea seat like Guangzhou. I didn't expect this time A Bao to fight, take the first step in my music.

Soon, I had a big day in the teahouse, although I didn't continue to do it in the tea building, but later I walked into the life of the play, but the happiest time in Abao people.

Under the leadership of the play class, Abao began to take a hole in life, and the tube and tube is not paying, but relying on this experience, Abao has taken a step away from his own music.

That year, Abao became the pillar of the class. He has this bottom gas, and there is also a bottom gas at any time.

After Abao took the play class, I also ran all over the country as before, but I have to rely on myself.

For the sake of livelihood, Abao will not only be unveiled in the formal occasion, but even the marriage and funeral is less than his figure.

But after all, it is not a long time. In those years of performance, Abao has learned Cantonese and English in a variety of people.

Later, I returned to Guangzhou, and Abao finally finally arrived with the times, leaving yourself who belongs to his "first-line guest singer", even if the Huang Gigi can only be his substitute singer.

However, in the 1990s, many "stray singer" began to go into the red, but A Bao ran to the Beijing running farm, the karaoke, the bar and other foreign places, have echoed the soul of the slag of his soil, and was still quite popular.

At that time, Abao realized the real "poverty", and he took into the bar to sang him, relying on this good voice, it can easily get tens of thousands of pieces in hand for a month, and the income is considerable.

However, the opportunity of Abao was a big one, and finally after 8 elections in the Qingge competition, he finally got the bronze award in the "Western Folk Song Competition" held in CCTV in 2004, and the singing cause looked up with green light. .

In the same year, Abao at the age of 36 participated in CCTV's first "Star Avenue", and sheep scarves small white, the waist is also a red belt. In order to this opportunity, Abao changed the fashion fashion in the metropolis, Listening to the suggestions of the stylist, change the folk image. Sure enough, this decision is correct, Abao first boarded at the stage, he was highly ill, and the sound of identifying, and he took his simple nationality, completely infected the audience.

A combination of a sense of feeling, plus him in the show that he has grownful in the rural areas, a miserable and inspirational Northern Shaanxi dialect in the stage, which has repeatedly deepened the image of his "putting the toll baby" .

So, Abao stepped on this person, all the way from Zhou Champions, monthly championships to the annual championship, even the phoenix legend with a fantasy foundation, all by his improvement version of "Shandan Danhua Hua Yanyan" The wind.

In this way, "putting a tall baby" is red, which has become a household name "grassroots song king".

However, the year of the year of the battle, the 62-year-old mother is also sick, in the big sadness, he also missed the lawsuit to spend 2005, with the championship of the Spring Festival Evening.

However, as the original ecological singer of the firefighter, Abao has experienced a short haze, and it was ranked into CCTV Spring Festival Evening in a short agoon, sang with a senior singer.

Since then, I have repeatedly scheduled CCTV. The high-frequency brush face also made him a household name, so soon, in the Great Hall of the People, I have a personal exclusive concert.

At that time, the Abao development platform is getting bigger and bigger. In the big future, he shaped a new inspirational story with the image of the peasant singer, and he also ushered in his peak.

Record shows, out of album, fan fans all over the country.

However, this heat has not lasts last, and Abao began to be proud and the full lie was also poked.

In 2012, Abao of the top of the top of the "Grasson Song King", in order to force the music of the music, began to join Zhang Dongling to launch a chorus song, and in the show, the words are: purpose is to destroy the legend of Phoenix.

Because Abbao revealed in the show, the information of his girlfriend had a vague expression, but also made the female singer, Zhang Dongling, and Wang Erni who have come to him. The girlfriend at the time.

In addition, Abao has also been guilty of Guo Degang in the show, but also exposed a bar experience that does not match people.

I don't know when I started, Abao began to remove powder for my words, but I truly put him into the abyss or the "putting the toll baby".

The "Put Waffle" is indeed brought an unprecedented dividend to Abao, but it is easy to lose ourselves.

With the continuous increase of the black material, the outside world has changed the identity of Abao, not only the parents are state-owned employees, but they are not "putting Wolba" in your mouth.

The huge image is governed, and the Abao is set to collapse, and several singers who have met when he went in the south, and broke his experience.

Huang Gigi once said, At the year, Abao was a singer of Shenzhen Song Dance; and Heng Yue also broke the onboard, in order to let the audience deeply "put the toll baby", stop the bailout and skip from the past. The experience of the field.

Abao in the outside of the outside, the two faces of the pool, the two faces of the luxury house, and there were many people on the Internet, but in the face of these public opinion, Abao did not explain, but the black material full of flying .

So, in 2014, I just experienced A Bao, who was received by Guo Lan Ying as a close disciple, and I was defeated due to people in the past, once I arrived.

Abao has rewritten his ending, and the mouth of the mouth cannot be reunited.

After six years, Abao is clarified for his own black material, for example, before the age of seven or eight years ago, it has grown up in the countryside, and then moved to the suburbs of the parents; he won't drive without luxury cars, or go out Sitting on the subway or take a car; herself and Zhang Dongling is not a couple, but a friend who has worked together ...

Everyone discovered that the original story of Abao was not so "ten evil."

Although these explanations have functions, they will respond later than 6 years later, and it is already a person.

And the red is also in the year of "sales," in the year, the year is incorporated.

He is over half a hundred years old.

Occasionally, in a short video, you will be over-interpreted, and the funny anti-string of time is too much sour, mixed ...

The number of artists who were crushed by public opinion were invisible. Among them, people were not much possible, and they were more likely to be self-contained. They were easily lost in front of you.

And A Bao became too many opportunities, and the heart was not willing to drive him by default, "putting a tuba", which made him pushed to the civilian singer of 10,000 people, but also fell into the abyss .

Although there are too many people who have been questioned by Abbao, they have dial the clouds and find that he is from the heart of the heart. At least in most people's eyes, his strength treble is not fake.