Li Yuzei's top ten women in the year, gave a controversy with the space hero, and was reported to be deleted.

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Li Yuzei's top ten women in the year, gave a controversy with the space hero, and was reported to be deleted.

2022-01-15 12:03:22 28 ℃

Recently, the well-known magazine "New Week" encloses a vast trend of public opinion, the reason is that the names of "2021 Chinese Top Ten Female Face" initiated, Du Mei Zhu and Li Yu Lei are in column, two Although the guts and courage to maintain their rights and interests in a certain sense, because the matter was "songs and enthusiasm", they also made the excellent female characters who made outstanding contributions, and most netizens expressed their protests and unsubueled.

In the original, the new weekly magazine also conducted an overview of the results made by Du Muzhu and Li Yu Lei, claiming that they disclosed the inequality between the stars and the intensive relationship, the key moments choose awakening and escape, of which special It has been mentioned that the two people are not the image of the victim, and the narrative is also objective, but given the exemplary females of the two and the entertainment circles, and Wang Yiping and Zhang Gui Mi are in such a model. The character is comparable, and thinking about it is really unproton.

Li Yu Lei said that Li Yuzei is gradually upgraded with Wang Lihong, and the two sides are in the case. As the side of the side, we are actually difficult to disclaimer. With the gradual development of the situation, many netizens have also begun to change their awareness, think that Li Yuei is not everyone's imagination. So simple and warm, she has released Changwen many times to perform public opinion, the purpose is only for their own rights and interests, before she also exposed the many privacy of Wang Lihong to buy a water army, in many people also seem to hide the thought people.

More popular discussion is Li Yu Lei's identity. As everyone knows, Li Yuei is not Chinese nationality, and the top ten women's image that can be selected on behalf of China's strength is not the threshold, so this result is naturally difficult.

Du Miaozhu, who is born in the net, is also questioned. Although in the prestige of the front wave, Du Minzhu showed an extraordinary decisiveness and courage, but this matter is generally not brilliant, in the process, Beautiful bamboo is also exploding a lot of black materials, which defines her as an excellent female image is indeed too strong. It is good to make encouraging things in the near future, that is, she re-participates in the college entrance examination after choosing the depth. The day also participated in the art test and finally cleared.

Seeing the external public opinion has become more intense, the new weekly is only chooses to avoid risks, and this article secretly deletes, but this move does not calm the wind wave, just as many netizens rebuened, the editor will be included in it, not just for it. Blog eye, manufacturing, smashing the heat of the entertainment circle, I believe this year, the authority and credibility of this year of this issue will also be a thousand feet, only for chasing traffic and heat, also violates senior media. Human career.

I hope that this matter will also give other media to the ring, don't make things happening to the career line in order to make topics, don't challenge the public's moral quasi-line, otherwise it can only be "stealing chicken does not erode meter".