I saw the "start" of the time cycle, I found the way to save the car.

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I saw the "start" of the time cycle, I found the way to save the car.

2022-01-15 18:02:59 6 ℃

Time cycle This concept is not new.

"Terror Cruise", "Source Code", "Butterfly Effect", belongs to this type, with an infinite flow cycle, returns to a point in time, resolve the established or what will happen.

The "opening" of the sun in Monoon is similar to the "source code", just one is a train, one is a bus, but the localization of "starting" is quite successful.

If "starting" is a suspense drama of the fog theater, it may save it, then the fog theater.

The past suspense drama is persistent to find the murderer, and "starting" how to save the whole car, although this idea is not new, it is not easy to make a domestic drama.

The murderer that manufactures the bus bombings in "opening" is obvious in the eighth episode.

They are the driver Wang Xingde and the bus holding a high-pressure pot, silent middle-aged women, and their relationship is very likely to be a couple.

The reason why they returned society may be a change in the home, but they have not clarified them in society or legally.

Since who is known for the murderer, then how to prevent them and safe to save the whole car in front of Xiao Hecheng and Li Shi.

If you want to do this, five questions must be resolved.

First, only saved the whole car, the time loop can stop, they can return to normal life.

Second, it is necessary to safely control the middle-aged women and high pressure cookers, because her high pressure cooker can be detonated manually, or may be timed.

Third, after getting a high-pressure pot, how to let the bomb away from the bus, minimize damage?

How do I let the driver Wang Xingde drives everyone to get off? How do I notify the police to evacuate the crowd, and seize the murderer, save everyone?

The first question is not mentioned, after all, solve the other five problems, the first question is also water to the stream.

Let's talk about the second question, how to control the middle-aged women and high pressure cookers.

From Xiao Hecai, Li Shi, many times, with two explosions, one is manual detonation, one is timing detonation, because each time is on the bridge, 1: 45 points exploded.

In addition, from the eighth episode of Xiaohe Yun and Li Shi, only two people can't uniformly uniforms the middle-aged women who have a knife and killing people, so they have to find a helper.

If you talk directly to others, there is a bomb on the car that you need your help. Others will definitely feel that these two people have problems, so this development will not pass.

It is known from Episode 10 that Xiao Hecan and Li Shi think that the way to leave the casual clothes is to handle the case for the hand of the hand.

As for the helper they find, it should be a middle-aged uncle that loves the cat's second boy and unemployment.

In the sixth episode, they misunderstood the second boy, but the teenager believed in the loop they said, so this person is good.

In the eighth episode, uncle middle-aged uncle lost, no residence, daughter to school and money, and also gave Li poetry paper towel, so this person will start.

This second question can be solved, Xiao He Yun, Li Shi, Second Junior, Middle-aged Uncle, two people in the middle-aged women, one person takes a knife, a high pressure pan.

Let's talk about the third question. After getting a high-pressure pot, how to make the bus in the high pressure pot far?

As an ordinary person, if you want to do this, there are two ways, one is common to the movie, throw the bomb to the river, the second is the alarm, hand it over to the police.

The first is the alarm, there are two necessary conditions, one is that the police can catch up in time, and forced to stop the bus, the second is to ensure that middle-aged women do not detonate the bomb.

These two points are completed at the same time, for Xiao Hecheng, Li Shi is too difficult, because the time between the station and the station is too short, the police have not arrived at all.

Even if the police arrive, pretend to get a casual clothes to help them handle the crisis, the driver should not park, accelerate the past, the premise is the middle-aged woman does not detonate the bomb.

The alarm is no longer, and it has to rely on themselves.

In this case, you have to use a movie to throw the bomb into the river, and there is a bridge along the River East Road to the West Road. The bridge is the big river under the bridge.

The variable is the driver. He has a must-have heart with middle-aged women. Asking him to park is a policy, the best is what they take the safety hammer, knock the glass, throw away the bomb.

With regard to the method of knocking the glass, Xiao Hecai cloud is light, because he used this method in a cycle, it is easy to do.

This third problem can be solved.

Xiao He Yun, Li Shi, Second Junior, Middle-aged Uncle, one of them jumped off the bus, one person handed him over the high pressure pot, he threw away.

However, this method threatens, if the speed is too fast, they are difficult to implement, but this is also a way.

Let's talk about the fourth issue, how to let the driver Wang Xingde opens everyone to get off?

If only simple force threatens or grabs the steering wheel, it is Xiaohe Yun who is not so much. Second is an easy to irritate driver and middle-aged women, let them anger and detonate bombs.

So the best, and the most popular way is to move the skills, Xiao Zhi, and give full play to the skills of negotiating experts.

Just how to get the background story of the driver, understand the truth of their retaliation society?

If you go directly to the Internet, there will be no information, after all, the driver is an ordinary person in a honesty, there will be no traces on the Internet.

Take a survey is that they don't have that more time, the only effective and fast way is to find the police. So how do you find a police investigation? Directly asked, of course not.

They have to let the bus fry again, then they will stop as survivors safely, and finally take the police to investigate, take the opportunity to knock.

In the eleventh episode, the police officers and Du Director's dialogues came to see this method.

Director Du said: "These two little scorpions are fishing, although the clues provide the clues are really effective, but guide is too obvious", Zhang police officials said: "It is not very clear that they are the true intention of them."

From this fourth question, Xiao Hecai, Li Shi is getting off in the river. After getting off the bus, the bus exploded on the bridge, and they were summoned as the only Shunduo and got corresponding information.

Let's take a look at the fifth question. How to inform the police and evacuate the crowd?

Through the twelfth episode, Xiao He Yun wants his mobile phone number to Zhang police officer.

And Li Shi asked Zhang police officer, if there is a stranger to send you a text message, there is a bang after twenty minutes, will you have a police? The answer is affirmative.

So they inform the police's method should be texting, so that they can save time and can not hit the snake.

So where to evacuate the crowd and intercepted the bus?

From the third question, it is obvious that there is nothing between the station and the station because the time is too short, and the driver can accelerate.

However, from Xiao He Yun, Li Shi's constantly looped clues, if there is no change in the middle, the bus is exploding on the bridge.

It can be seen that the bridge is where the driver and middle-aged women are blown, so the bus is intercepted on the bridge.

At this time, Xiao Heyun, what they have to do is to try to delay the speed of the car, let the police have time to get rid, confess, evacuate the crowd, and save the whole car with the police.

Finally, these solutions are classified, and the way to save the car is four, five, two, three, four, five, one.

Specifically, Xiao He Yun, Li Shi is getting off, letting the bus exploded, they are taken to the police station, get the driver's information, get the mobile phone number of the police officer, and confirm that he will have a police after receiving the text message.

Two they once again entered the loop, first send text messages to Zhang police officials to quickly police.

Follow the jacket police, find the second boy and middle-aged uncle help, uniform, middle-aged women, take her knife and high pressure pot.

The third is that one of them removes the safety hammer, knocks the glass, and prepares to jump to throw the high pressure pot into the river.

The fourth is that one of them is moving with the driver, so that he delays the speed of the vehicle, let the police have enough time; its five is that the police arrived and evacuated in a timely.

If each of them is going well, then the whole car can be saved, and the time loop can be released.

This is what I saw "starting", saving the way the car.

Of course, there are other methods to save the whole car, such as the introduction of the third entry time cycle.

This person is not on the bus, but he learned the news of the bus explosion, and then tell Xiao He Yun or Li Shi.

It's just such an arrangement that it is too coincidental, not tight enough, so don't arrange the third entry into the loop.