The Hong Kong Circle Prince: The steering sister is also in love with the female star, two married women, a good man

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The Hong Kong Circle Prince: The steering sister is also in love with the female star, two married women, a good man

2022-01-15 18:04:27 15 ℃

In the entertainment circle of Hong Kong, there is such an underestimated artist, a song "rogue" interprets his first half, and people call "Taizi". After the wine, the flight attendant and the crew, a task that can be disordered, and his violent in the rivers and lakes has always been a beautiful landscape.

In his body, he fell to the value of money. Compared with the second half-life, Zheng Zhongji's arrogance has always been talking after the meal, explaining what is "Money can be". "

Zheng Zhongji can be called "Prince", inseparable from his father, Zheng Donghan, and in the early years, it is also the "king" in the entertainment industry. With personal ability, at the age of 24, it became the general manager of Hong Kong Baoli Record Co., Ltd. Is a very powerful person, can say that Zheng Donghan's success is not only fame and fortune, but also has a lot of people resources for Zheng Zhongzhi, and he has soared to President of Baolijin Asia.

The field of shape is involved, not only T Bay, X Hong Kong, even R and Australia, has a place. Zheng Donghan held a lot of big coffee, like Alan Tam, Zhang Guorong, and Deng Lijun's popularity, they are inseparable from his hand. He has been working together. A man who has mastered the entertainment circle half-watery rivers, and its status and influence can be imagined.

Zheng Zhongji as the son of Zheng Donghan, known as "Prince", is also a chapter. With his father's aura, Zheng Zhongji is mixed in the top flow circle from a small time. It is said that one side of Soil and Soil is a person who is in the influence of his father, he also deeply fell in love with the aura in the entertainment circle. In 1995, this prince who was born with a golden tablespoons was signed and entered into the company with excellent talents.

It is worth mentioning that although Zheng Zhongji has a father's father, it is very important to treat the attitude of the business. It can be recognized by the company, with its own strength, with Zhengdong Han without any relationship. In the second year, the singer Zhang Xueyou helped out, and the two people sang "about the left and right", the starting point of life is very high. As the famous arrogance continues to rise, plus more and more people around them, Zheng Zhongji floated.

In this year, Zheng Zhongji, who is returned to Hong Kong, because of "getting on the cars," and the female assistant gossip, the people have a great knowledge. As a man, he did not want to take responsibility, but forced the opponent's tire. Nowadays, I will see this matter, Zheng Zhongji must be wrong, but why is the woman not 僭僭 他 他? At the end of millions of people, Zheng Zhongji retired, Zheng Donghan relies on people's resources.

After this thing, Zheng Zhongji did not seem to converge, two years later, exposed his relationship with Yang Qian. At that time, Yang Qianxi was just a new person. It was just just simply appreciation for Zheng Zhongji, and Zheng Zhongji was also her only public admitted boyfriend. Just I didn't expect that after two people met, after the arrival of Cecilia Cheung, this triangle love was blurred.

After many years, Zhang Cechu talked about this feeling, claiming that he "was forced to do a third party", once being "Zhengguan" to find the door. At that time, she was pushed into the wardrobe and stayed inside for 30 minutes. And Zheng Zhongji and Yang Qianxi's feelings will eventually endless. This failure, let her feel sad, create "unfortunately I am a water bottle", it seems to tell himself to Zheng Zhongji's feelings.

He is young in 20 years old, and there is a negative emotion after a famous name, just like the spring bamboo shoots after the rain, refreshing everyone's cognition. The confusing private life plus the shape of the waves, when they arrived in 2000, "tuning" flight attendants above the plane, and finally left the case. Zheng Zhongji's career has fallen into the bottleneck. At the same time, the whole person has gradually woken a lot. He chooses to leave is not the place to wait and see by bystanders.

After falling in the music, Zheng Zhongji entered the film and television circle. His life never thought about picking out the aura. At that time, Zheng Donghan not only took the bridge for him, but also put the best resources in the hands of his son. He is more eager to become a successor of Zhou Xingchi. After the arrival of the domineering, every year, the New Year's film has his figure, and he also picked up his own singing.

The way of this Prince's feelings seems to remain so good. After released a "rogue", Zheng Zhongji went home with a woman overnight, and found a photos of a lot of actress, Zheng Zhongji fell into the "PC" vortex. Any gossip that is unfavorable to the Prince is riveting the fire, and Zheng Donghan once again bought peace with money, solving the outside world's disturbance.

After this thing, this Prince's secret marriage with A SA is also presented in front of everyone. The beginning of low-low tone, the end of vigorously, is really awkward, the entertainment industry is really a chaotic. In the early years, the wife Yang Ying, the wife of the Yellow Team, went to Japan, and once again passed a variety of angular materials with the Prince. Since then, Zheng Zhongji and the female anchor turn into the hall of marriage.

It is said that the other party has missed the best "tire" time, after two people got married, gave birth to a woman. After two people, they gradually gave birth to the same time. Yu Simi used his true feelings and redeems this prime. From a prodigal to Gujia, a good family, a warm family saved all kinds of Zheng Zhongji, of course, the "spending money" of his father. Zheng Zhongji seems to have spent the "rebellion", this year, it has shaped a lot of roles, although he did not become the successor of Zhou Xingchi, but the whole person's mentality has changed. In the concert, Zheng Zhongji was truly revealed, telling the drunken airplanes that year, sincerely sigh him lost money, work or even friends, and very grateful to all the fans. I also presented a "Sansheng Sheng Fortun", and this man finally returned to the right way.

I have to say that in the first half of Zheng Zhongji, not only the father's "buy" is not inseparable from many passengers. After entering the marriage, change the personality of the flowers, and become a pet wife after marriage. When you are fine, you will be with your child's side, accompany your daughter to practice the piano, sing, and sharing on social platforms is happiness. Who can think of a good man in such a home, has been so arrogant?