Nai million online "selection" is suspected, let the fan send photos in the comment area, who is harassed?

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Nai million online "selection" is suspected, let the fan send photos in the comment area, who is harassed?

2022-01-15 18:02:35 8 ℃

After that, there were so many stars, and the bad breath was obviously clear, but occasionally there would be such a few "漏 网 漏", love beans recently participated in the election show, there is a highlighting of the confused behavior, actually issued a Weibo let the fans send photos in the comment area, and they are questioned by netizens "Online Selection."

Of course, it is still a "goodwill reminder", and the boy girl who tells the view area will report or help, protect the sense of strong self-protection, and protect the sense of self-protection. .

This behavior came out, netizens were more confused, I want to say that this is not a model of not looking for things?

Most netizens can't understand, I want to know that as the public figure, since knowing that there is adverse consequence, why is it to open?

A netizen's reply is also a needle, and a word is reminded. The family is really harassing, is it helpful?

Further, even if there is any problem, it will be responsible for any problems.

There are also thoughtful netizens who are sensitive to thinking, worrying that there is a possibility that people can be found in this way.

Once this is an idea, this is a random vomiting for the entertainment star confused, it is going to upgrade into a "horror story".

Of course, it is only just a netizen "Worry and Worry", "alarmist", but some words are still better - a Canadian illegal male star is officially arrested, there is no annual.

How many real fake leaves broke the news, and it converges an information from the outside: "The entertainment industry is very chaos!"

Nailu is a female love bean is right, but her circle is complex beyond imagination. In fact, as a female star mixed with a circle and draft love bean circle, her female fans and her stars friends are really true. "High-risk people" in the sense, it is easy to become a "choice" object.

Under the call of Naiwan, some netizens "borrowed" the photo of the Snh Women's Han Jiale sent to the comment area, and I also got the reply.

After the beautiful bamboo, Zhang Dan San, who was standing out from the miserable experience, was a front member of the Snh Women.

In addition to Zhang Dan Third, there is also a unnamed Yu Jiayi at that time, it is the five period of the SNH female group.

In more than 20 victims of "selection", most of them are chasing stars, or related to the industry, first choose their photos, and then privately believe in them, and the first thing to contact them is two female staff.

It is also reminded that the SnH Women's Company has issued a full 6 "self-protection conducts", repeatedly mentioned that these girls are complicated, and they are required to keep their unfamiliar people and things alert, don't It is easy to believe in them, including other actors (these content have not emphasized gender, that is, women).

Some ways mentioned in this code, some operations are also visible, but the detailed analysis is not difficult to find, many times they are using the same heart and kindness to use the girls.

Finally, I should still emphasize that the above content is not a hint or accusing the meaning of the "choice", there is no malicious speculation, I hope that everyone should not break the chapter, just want to make things happening After talking again, remind it to it again, I hope everyone will wake up, including Naiwan, maybe you just want to interact with fans, but it is undeniable that your guidance and encouragement have gradually created a dangerous window.

Be sure to remember, once some things have happened, they are destined to have not been kept.

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