"Will Night" is much better than "悍 刀 in the snow", why is the heat?

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"Will Night" is much better than "悍 刀 in the snow", why is the heat?

2022-01-15 18:04:00 6 ℃

The TV series "Will Night" is much better than TV series "Snow in the snow",

Why is the heat?

The night author is


This novel tells about the history of a song, rising, can be happy.

A substance requires that he is not lacking


. The novel is based on the world,

But fortunately, telling the history of the people, spending the history of the sky, leading to thinking.

"Will Night" is made by Golden Media, Yang Yang is directed,

Chen Feiyu, Song Yi, Yuan Bingxi, Menciyi, Hu Jun, Tong Yao, Ni Dahong,

King Shijie starred,

Zheng Shaoqiu, Guo Pinchao, An Zhijie, etc., special appearance, the costume fantasy drama of the dawn special friendship,

The martial arts scene inside is very shocking very in place

Is one of the best mournfuls I think

In the snow, a knife is telling a family that the family has finally grinded.


Inspirational story.

Xu Fengnian, who is arrogant, is full of people


After pain,

Such as Fenghuang Nirvana is awakening. Thousands of miles, three into three out, Xu Fengnian wine yellow horse walks in unknown rivers and lakes

Although the road is long and blocked, there is a ruthless murder standing around, but he is still persevere. During the process of walking the rivers and lakes, Xu Fengnian has robbed the poor, punishing evil, in addition to continuously improving his martial arts

Also intend to finish the number of thousands of rivers and lakes. In the end, it became a big martial arts man.

At the time of the country's internal affair, the rebellion, Xu Feng year returned by the rivers and lakes, led Xu Jiajun to settle the rebellion, recovered the land, and the growth of the world is a premium, and the people who have been watching the country.

In order to escape the horses of the Pearl, the "The First Skull" of the "The First Square of the World" (Zhang Ruoyu) faded into Jinyi Huoxuan in the arrangement of the father Xu Wei (Hu Jun), first entered the rivers and lakes, and Must ,

I met many people from the rivers and lakes.

The three years of travel returning, the Xu Feng year of the Guangguang is washed away. He never wanted to take the life track of the old man, and he would not be willing to take over the north.

But when Xu Fengnian snow, I learned that one by one was to close him, and after sacrificing him. After experiencing life, I finally made a determination, I would like to be a completely different from my father.

, Hard to compromise, 武 武, 子 心 心

, Become a military, and then the rate of Jiang Mud (Li Gengshi), Jianxian Li Wei and other guards, second into the rivers and lakes,

Use the knife to make martial arts force chicken fly dog ​​jump

It seems to be chess in the routine of the old man, it is true that it is alone.

Power anti-fate arrangement, gradually cultivating Wudang who is loyal to himself,

Jiangnan literary world, Xichu, Huishan Xuanyuan and other martial arts, and also found the truth of Wu Suzhi's death through various clues.

Flying snow, Xu Fengnian one person a knife and a knife, use his body to set up the Beibei battle flag, and finally become the qualified successor of Beibei.

Is it that it is the original fans or a more controversial