Singer is suspected of beating men's fans!Or will be detained for 6 months, the opponent's head is heavy

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Singer is suspected of beating men's fans!Or will be detained for 6 months, the opponent's head is heavy

2022-01-15 18:02:29 4 ℃

Recently, foreign media said that the United States called the male singer "Ye" Cany Vister suspected of beating fans, the details were still under investigation. It is said that it is a man's fan to sign after participating in the girlfriend, and since then I don't know why, the reason is suddenly beat the fan. The matter causes the netizen hot discussion.

Subsequently, the live video flows out, from the blurred picture quality, it can feel very excited. The female staff around him tried to communicate with him, but the lord is obviously difficult to calm, and the words are fierce shouting "No, I It didn't touch him ", but the lord is still separated from the scene.

One turned, the person who was suspected was lying on the ground and curled his legs. He looked at them. The video shot as a bystander, and he was in the past, "He happened, why This is obvious that everyone is confused for such a burst. It is understood that if the crime is established, he will be sentenced to 6 months imprisonment.

On-site eyewitness told that the man played a male fifth, respectively, the head and neck. The fan was hit by the back of the ground and couldn't afford it.

Netizens said that "this man is really speechless, signing the sign, why do you want to play, but some people point out that the fans are still entangled after being refused, and whether the fan is said I don't know how to irritate. No matter how the truth is true, it is definitely a wrong behavior.

The grandfather is not only a well-known music producer, but also successful business people and clothing designers. He has been in combination with well-known luxury brands, and "coconut" shoes have been sought after, becoming a big hot brand, then he The personal apparel brand "Pastelle" has been launched and has achieved extraordinary results.

The emotional experience is also very rich. His ex-wife is a well-known artist Jin Kardashian. The two began in 2012. Subsequently, they were engaged in the 13th year of daughter, and 15 years stepped into the marriage hall. After that, the two were produced after a child, and a woman added a child.

Life is very high in life and card after marriage, and a sweet breath is exuded in the same box. Regrettably, the marriage of the two eventually came to the end, and Kardashian filed a divorce application last year, and then he repeatedly stated that I would like to save her in the public place, but Kadan did not respond to him.

It is worth noting that Justice is a high-profile love to celebrate his 44-year-old birthday, and by the netizens in Puwovens, France. Provence.

Subsequently, he was photographed with the current girlfriend Julia Fox Hotel, and the rid of the journalism directly published the love of the way. When the two of the officials, the two people who didn't care when they were attended the event, and they hit their hands to kiss the big show, and the relationship was sweet and abnormal.

The work of Master has not given a response to the rumors of the suspected beat fans, and there is no way to finalize the next conclusion before the matter.