Zhou Ziyang is open to the 25-year-old Hong Kong sister, claiming to be a genuine boyfriend, and the sun shall confirm the relationship between the two

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Zhou Ziyang is open to the 25-year-old Hong Kong sister, claiming to be a genuine boyfriend, and the sun shall confirm the relationship between the two

2022-01-15 18:04:32 10 ℃

At the age of 37, the TVB artist Zhou Ziyang has faded out of the entertainment circle for a while, and these years he shakes a change in the company's CEO - founding Huadi Group Holdings Co., Ltd., and there are three branches, which are also successful. artist. Recently, the low-key Zhou Ziyang became the focus of the headline of Hong Kong entertainment circles, not because he returned, but because he was involved in the triangular relationship.

Zhou Ziyang claimed that Chen Yuxi, Chen Yuxi, said that each other is just a friend, and it will be positioned in a friend. This make Zhou Ziyang very much, so he decided no longer dumb, publicly open his intimate dialogue, and a couple Relationship. And the reason why this is a triangular relationship, that is because Chen Haoyi has not publicly publicly has the existence of Zhou Ziyang's boyfriend. Instead, there is a rich boyfriend who has a four-year feeling and stable. Andy, now Zhou Ziyang claimed to be Chen Yuyi's true boyfriend, which made this relationship complex.

Let's talk about Zhou Zi Yang, I used a "also" to describe the triangular relationship that Zhou Ziyang's involvement is because this is not his first triangular triangle relationship. When he has not yet returned, it is still a TVB artist, he has a complex triangle relationship with He Lao Er (now renovation of He Tiansi) and the famous entertainment that has passed. I didn't expect it for many years. After many years, he repeatedly This scene.

Zhou Ziyang is very good, and has always been described as "Sai Kung Di King" and shows that the home is rich. Parents are business people, doing real estate education, there are many plains in Saigon, and their own houses, so this is called "Sai Kang". Zhou Ziyang joined the development of the entertainment circle in 2009, and joined TVB development in 2011 and became a comprehensive artist. However, Zhou Ziyang's development in the entertainment circle is generally general. As a singer, it is not a representation. As an actor, there is no representation. In the TVB, there is a work of 20 works, and there is no impression on the audience. After 2015, he left the nest. The mainland has developed.

His emotional life during the TVB is a wonderful life in the TVB, and the Triangle relationship between the Triangle relationship is the most happy relationship with He Proan, and Lin Jian. He Proze and Zhou Ziyang's love was very low-key. As a result, Ho Prozer in 2014 has passed a relationship with Lin Jian named after 81 years old, and things become more complicated. He Prozer denied the love of Lin Jian. Thus, it is exposed to Zhou Ziyang 's love - Many media believes that the proud of the exposure and Zhou Ziyang's relationship is to be a smoke bomb, which is to refuse Lin Jian name.

In fact, there is no longer to last for too long. In September 2015, he made a breakup to the other party. The two did not help, and after breaking up, Zhou Zi said that he publicly opened Ho Proan's sister He Lao Zai. I have to ask 200,000 living expenses, otherwise I will not give my sister with myself. He Laoer's sister is not willing to be destroyed, so he wants to pursue it. Zhou Ziyang was very moving too much, affected the image and was hidden by TVB. Later, he left the nest, and the matter took a paragraph.

After leaving TVB, Zhou Yang once again developed to the mainland, participated in the variety show of the Mainland, and also started financial work, until 2019 officially bid farewell to the entertainment circle, transferred to the financial industry, 2020, simultaneously set up the holding company - - The family is very good, some are the capital yourself, the company is more, the greater, and it is already the CEO of four companies.

The career has become, the feelings are a mess. After the end of the relationship with He Prozen, Zhou Ziyang has had a girlfriend outside, and later breaking up, only knowing the current girlfriend Chen Yanyi. In the words of Zhou Ziyang, the development of each other has been in the past, and the feelings are very harmonious. I have seen the parents of the two sides. I have already arrived at the stage of marriage. Whoever thinks another hidden love.

Chen Yuli, 25-year-old, is 2020, Miss Hong Kong, and now the artist in TVB's manager contract. When Chen Yuyi selected Hong Kong sister, she had publicly had boyfriend. When I was interviewed in 2021, she also said that he was in love with his boyfriend, hoping to be able to go with each other. However, Chen Yuyi said that the boyfriend is not Zhou Ziyang, but a person called Andy, so there is a magical triangular relationship.

Zhou Ziyang has recently high-profile acceptance of media access, claiming that he is Chen Yanyi's true boyfriend, and said that each other has traveled for a year and a half, and Chen Yanyi said in the old boyfriend in July 2021 and intends to old, Conflicts, if this is not fake, it means that Chen Yuyi is in a boat in a foot. This is not a focus, the focus is Zhou Ziyang to know that the other party has a boyfriend, and the other party is also very unreasonable. Together, don't mind the other party to be with others, love others.

Zhou Ziyang emphasized that he has never going to go today to go today, it is the best partner of the other party, and has also proposed to the other party, but it is rejected by the other party to reject the reason. After Zhou Ziyang was open to each other's relationship, Chen Yuyi's refutation, the other party claimed that Zhou Ziyang was just a friend who came to know, is currently single. Zhou Ziyang had such a response because of the opposite side, and immediately publicly opened the evidence of love in love, including intimate dialogue, video, etc. I hope that I am a positive name of my boyfriend, but he also said that it is very sad after being negated. It can only be said that Zhou Ziyang's love is not good, and it has been caught in this complex triflorous style. The focus is that his appeal is also very strange, don't mind that your girlfriend is together with others, just thinking about the identity of a genuine boyfriend. Now that he is talking to Chen Yuyi, it is a Luo Shengmen, which is not difficult.

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