Hunan Taiwan denied Du Haitao Shen Mengchen is about to get married, did not take a wedding as a business, have loved ten years

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Hunan Taiwan denied Du Haitao Shen Mengchen is about to get married, did not take a wedding as a business, have loved ten years

2022-01-15 18:04:55 12 ℃

"Hello, Saturday" has been broadcast in the fourth period, and "Happy Camp" is also broadcast around three months. Remove He Wei, who has been hosting the new show, and Xie Na, which is performing with Zhang Jie. The remaining human exposure is not a lot, but even if so, Wijia and Wu Hao have relevant news to expose, business resources are not affected. But about the dynamics of Haitao did not hear any wind.

Therefore, some marketing numbers guess Haitao is preparing to and Shen Meng Chen's wedding, and said that the two have been investing in wedding, because the two are now not very proud, belonging to the state of downturn. Many branders are reluctant to have their own docking, active docking brands, and feel not advanced. Therefore, whether the wedding of the two can be carried out smoothly, but also to follow the following situation.

This news came out, causing a small dispute. Many netizens feel that the two are sacred in the wedding, but they will make money. After the related topic caused the hot discussion, Hunan Satellite TV responded through the platform party, indicating "verification, related content" denied Du Haitao Shen Mengchen marriage, and a rumor for wedding investment.

However, Hunan Satellite TV still did not mention things about Haitao's shut-down, and he must not guess whether there is other reasons behind.

In 2022, it was the tenth year of Haitao and Shen Meng Chen's love. The first thing is not married, it is for the sake of understanding. But now Shen Mengchen has proven to be one of the hosts of Hunan Satellite TV, and her love has been recognized and blessed. This should be married naturally, but drag again.

In 2019, when he participated in a variety show, Haitao said that he would marry Shen Mengchen, but just mentioned on his mouth, but there is no movement. "Listen to the sister", Shen Mengchen regards his wedding with Du Haitao as a paragraph, and it is very much wanting to get married. In the "Tucao Conference", it was also changing the marriage. Shen Meng Chen said that he has been prepared for two years ago, and even published a list of companionship. Why, the groom has always been reminded.

Due to frequent hot search, Zhang Meng has asked Haitao in the show. The answer is that the winds have any winds in the outside world, both have their own ideas and intended, and naturally, they will naturally be the next time. However, Shen Mengchen is taking a marriage Du Haitao that is already in the show, and when is it ready to go?

During this relationship between the two, Shen Mengchen has been at the active party. It is that she took the initiative to pursue Du Haitao. When she didn't live in Du Haitao, I broke up, and I broke up, and I broke up, any occasion, Shen Mengchen None reserved means love to Haitao. Now, even the most important result of marriage, or then she will be over again.

Love has not entered the next relationship for ten years, nature is to let the outside world are anxious. After all, the two have suffered a lot of couple bonus, and fans are also very normal. But after all, marriage is two people, I hope to hear good news soon, let this national shortage end.

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