Run, the top ten guest list exposure, netizens hot comment: I don't expect funny "act"

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Run, the top ten guest list exposure, netizens hot comment: I don't expect funny "act"

2022-01-15 18:03:50 6 ℃

"Run" This variety of this variety is not known to be broadcast to the tenth season.

The run is created in the beginning of the domestic outdoor live show. At that time, the torn brand, the presser board, and the netizens struggled to imitate

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This program also took a few famous stars. Yang Ying branched a variety show as a top flow. The price was quarated. Wang Zulan rely on the program re-opened the domestic market, and Li Chen shaped a loyal and honest old black cattle. Image nationality rises straight line

The brothers came from change to running, and the ratings will be reduced. Several people who are always in MC have been running, once let netizens think that the brothers are over.

Run Bar Brothers Deng Chao, Chen He, Wang Zulan, a variety of artistic, and other few times have repeated old stalks, there is no suspected freshness

Running the brother before, there are more fires. You can hear the theme song of the running bar, torn name cards, poke boards, and other games, all the big first-line stars are successful, and several MCs have also successfully squeezed into the "top flow" "

Variety show is very easy, but the full fire only has a male, the glory of the running man has not been continued.

The one-end program of Zhejiang Satellite TV has caused high-quality death because of the strength of the program, and the brothers are also suffering from the sorrow. The ace game in the show is also snowing.

Yang Ying and Cai Xun did not quit from the rumor. Zheng Yi, Sha Yi, Li Chen, Song Yuqi, Bai Lu i, Lin Yi

The column of running bar is not big in the last season, but netizens have no enthusiasm for this, and the comment area will sing and fall, and it seems that it is not optimistic about the new season.

Variety show is blooming everywhere, like this kind of live show, and let netizens have a higher expectation, not the previous age for a long time.

A few seasons of the race are all in the game. These games have been played by major variety programs. There is no sense of the audience, and the deracent of the real show is serious, and the audience is more and more.

The success of a program needs to push new, not relying on feelings, relying on the reputation to eat the boss, so that it will be eliminated by the times.

Run, do you most expect anyone to participate, the comment area tells me?