Yang Mi is hot and hot is hot!Peony actresses are fighting, but she is still marketing

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Yang Mi is hot and hot is hot!Peony actresses are fighting, but she is still marketing

2022-01-15 18:03:27 21 ℃

As the flow of traffic in the 85 flower, Yang Mi's work is not as good as her personal flow. However, there are no significant personal labels, and it is easy to be forgotten by the public if there is no significant personal label.

Recently, Yang Mi made out a group of advertising blocks, from the beauty to the body, and did not reveal the gods. In the hard sound, Yang Mi is full of dreamy black buds, the arm is smashed, the small waist is profitable, and the perfect S is exhibited. Yang Mi's body advantage is that it is not only thin, and there is a meat, and the whole curve is bumps, the body is quite hot.

This underwear design is just right and perfectly shows Yang Mi's good figure. The upper body is strapped, and it is fully demonstrated that Yang Mi's body is added, and the decoration of the lace stripes on the clothes is given, and it is a kind of transparent sense, and creates a 暧昧Aesthetic.

She worked with the jewelry and shawl long hair, just able to modify the ostrich neck of Yang Mi slightly, increase the temperament of ladies. Even repeatedly, it is not good to have a lot, this appeared, Yang Mi has also more elegant.

With this amazing four-party blockbuster, Yang Mi has once again landed in hot search with the "good body" entry. Netizens have a hot discussion, praise Qi, "Entertainment Circle, Shi Bodhisattva." But as an actor, Yang Mi rarely causes attention to the professional topic. On the contrary, the girl feels, and the good body has become Yang Mi's traffic label. I don't know if Yang Mi is coming, it is a worry.

Previous Yang Mi has caused the public dispute because of the topic of the body. During last year's water, many netizens were worried about the local people, and Yang Mi attended a activity was a hot search. At that time, Yang Mi worn a side of the shoulders, and the whole dress is very To force, let Yang Mi's body advantage is unobstructed, maybe just like this to attract fans.

Just in the special period, the behavior of such a show instead aroused the public, think that Yang Mi is a waste of social resources and transports some no nutritious content. Of course, another fan argued that this is only the behavior of the brand, and it has nothing to do with Yang Mi himself.

However, another show is controversial, it is the reason why Yang Mi himself. At that time, online exactly "comic waist" is a competition, Yang Mi naturally does not fall. She took two high-difficult photos, claiming: to raise their hands to participate in comic waist challenges.

As can be seen from the photo, Yang Mi's body is not inferior to comics, it can be said that it is a longer existing scene, I also proud than V. However, Yang Mi has been evaluated by netizens, thinking that her behavior is in selling body anxiety, and netizens, this posture is to deliberately cater to male fans.

Subsequently, this wave of bad reviews also attracted well-known medical people to conduct popular sciences. If this action is not properly operation, it may be harmful to lumbar vertebrae, and it is not blindly imitated. Thereafter, there is also an official media online criticism, so that this is no nutritious trend. In the end, Yang Mi was forced to violate the pressure and apologize.

Nowadays, the wind wave has not been forgotten, Yang Mi once again relying on the topic of good body, and people are not for help. Especially with the 85 flower collective step into middle-aged, how to jump out of the stupid and sweet, relying on the good work and entertainment circles, but also a urgency.

Looking at these actresses, Although Angelababy has no significant progress in terms of acting, the resources to be broadcast have always been constantly, whether the sweet pet, urban beauty drama or costume drama, it is not difficult to see that Baby is urgent, hoping to pass a hot drama Your own position, plus her and Huang Xiaoming and good news continue to pass, which has guaranteed for Baby's resources.

Song Wei, which has just ended, has a slight improvement in the acting skills, there is still some praise on the Internet, although it is not stunned, but dare to break through the self, no longer love the idol fashion drama, is also a big progress.

In addition, the Liu Shishi, Tang Yan works, but the two people return to their families, and they will not work hard to market beauty or some people, although the topic is reduced, but it can be regarded as a clear flow in the circle.

In contrast, Yang Mi still can't escape the curse of the ancient chart, and the acting has not seen progress, and it can't see the breakthrough in the drama. Although the recent frequent participation in some activities, there is a lot of titles, but for examples, the heat can only stay for a while. If there is no super hard work, it will eventually be overwhelmed by the traffic of others.

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