Guo Fucheng is a signature of Liu Dehua for his daughter to be signature: Dad with daughter, really fight

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Guo Fucheng is a signature of Liu Dehua for his daughter to be signature: Dad with daughter, really fight

2022-01-15 18:03:41 10 ℃

We often say that a man will become a warm man, as long as you have a daughter for him.

When the man has a daughter, the man has begun to burst, what "Flower messenger", "daughter's bodyguard",

"Daughter Control" and "Daughter Slave" have become labels for Dad who loves her daughter.

In order to love the daughter, the Bao Da is really described "Eight Immortals, Each of the Dai", and even the tough guy who is not laughing, it will become gentle.

The daughter is the former world of Dad, and this sentence is not wrong. With daughter's father, it is really spelling, not doing, only you can't think of.


As a four-day king, Guo Fu City, Handsome is handsome, singing and dancing, and it is fascinated by a million girls. Since the marriage of Fang Yuan, although rarely worked, many viewers still like him very much.

Today's Guo Fucheng put all the thoughts into the family, not only to accompany his wife Fang Yuan Street to buy spicy strips, but also pick diapers to yourself.

Christmas, he took two daughters to the beach. After dinner, he also dressed in Santa Claus, giving a gift to the daughter at home, so that her daughter is very happy.

Guo Fucheng and the world of Tian Wang-level characters are extremely good. Once, Liu Dehua invited Guo Fucheng to participate in his concert, but he was asked by Guo Fu City, and the reason is: his wife Fang Yuan is not at home, his daughter is no longer watching!

As a daughter of two daughters, I didn't have the high-profile king. For the child, let go of the body, I will find Liu Dehua to sign, I didn't expect him to reject it, the reason is: the niece did not bring, I also want to sign?

Although this reason is a bit of a person, he has to say that there is a daughter's Guo Fucheng really changed, proper daughter slaves!

Regarding why Dad prefer her daughter, American scholars have done such a survey, the object of investigation is 52 boy girls and their father.

The experimental person was tapered on the father's waist, and the recorder opened a record of 50 seconds every 9 minutes, and recorded the dialogue between these parents and parents within 48 hours.

It was found that Dad spent 5 times more time and daughter than his son, and spent 3 times more time criticized and educated than daughters.

It can be seen that Dads do more in love with daughters, and love daughters. Let's take a look, what kind of experience is about the father who has a woman's wife, many netizens' mom's spit.

@ 阳:

Ethere, too biased! In front of his son, it is always a leadership of the leadership, in front of the daughter, and I am jealous.


My family two daughters, big junior high school, small five months, unsmiling dad put two daughter patterned in the arm, his theory is: My daughter, I don't want to leave the baby eight eggs for the future. ?


If you have a chicken on the table, then the two chicken legs are mine. After having a daughter, the chicken legs on the table did not eat, and they were all taken by her husband to give him a diligence ~

@just love:

Before my husband, socks were all gave him, because he won't take it, even the tie is my department. After having a daughter, the daughter's diaper, drinking milk, eating, head, wearing clothes, and is proficient! I really doubt that the man who didn't have a small valley in the limbs did not have a package when I got a house student daughter!

Our family's father, the first sentence is: my daughter?

I used to watch TV, I will always be news and various events. After having a daughter, almost every day is a Wang Wang, and the bear worship is still parents, sometimes I am afraid to repeat N, never complain.

For a few seconds, I still told my daughter in a matter of which I can't eat sugar, and I will eat sugar. After a second, the daughter quarreled to eat sugar, and the Rawa fart will bring the daughter to buy, and always change a sugar from the pocket when the daughter is crying, so that the daughter is happy to dance.

The poet Yu Guangzhong said in the "palm of the left hand":

For the father, there is no more daughter in the world than the child, the only shortcoming is that it will grow up.

Unless you use the frozen water to take her long-standing, but this is probably illegal, and her boyfriend will ride the Malay and kiss her sooner.

Seeing these can't help but feel, the daughter is really a lover in my life. It is the soft rib of Dad. It is a baby who is extremely precious. I don't want to protect my daughter.

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This kind of love is irreplaceable.

I hope that every family with daughters has a daughter slave; maybe every daughter can become a person who is calm in the dad, bravely and confidently pursues dreams!