Wang Si Cong's live broadcast is hot, and the netizen mad brush gift wants to be a list. I am forced to go down the line.

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Wang Si Cong's live broadcast is hot, and the netizen mad brush gift wants to be a list. I am forced to go down the line.

2022-01-15 18:02:47 5 ℃

Since the popular prevalence, many people have changed from ordinary people into the net red, and the star will also complete the goods goals through live broadcast. In other words, because the live broadcast can bring economic benefits to everyone, many people will not make this. What can't be can't think of, even if the Gao Fushuai Wang Song, who is not bad, has also spent a live broadcast, and his first show is very hot, netizens are more madware, the entire screen looks very powerful.

As everyone knows, Wang Song can be a big madman's baby. He is completely not bad, so no one will think that his live broadcast is to make money. Because this is the first show of the Wang President, he immediately caught the onlookers of the fans. Most people have generously pose their gifts. Just in the live video, Wang Song is in a casual dress, plus the beauty effect, it looks very compliant with the "Gao Fu Shuai" label.

What is interesting is that Wang Song is a rich master. It usually does not study the rules of live broadcast. He is ready to make a smoking style. Subsequent Wang Songgan began to stand home, and the onlookers did not idle, a lot of people brushed the gift. Many people said that this is the only chance to use the money "" Wang President, so everyone will take a gift to "" Wang Song.

Change to other nets red, maybe fans fly brush gifts have long cheered, but Wang Si Cong is an exception. After all, the principal is not bad, he lives in order to map, so he also worried about the movement of the fan brush gift. At that time, Wang Bo said bluntly: "(Everyone) Don't brush the gift, I am a 1-month pocket money is tens of millions!" This words came out, all the friends of all brush gifts were shocked, but they later Or continue to brush the gift, not affected.

Some people have been so ridicule: "A group of monthly salary is thousands of people who have more than 100 million months." In fact, Wang Song also understood this truth. He itself is not bad, not these continue, but also understand everyone is not easy, Always discourage everyone not to brush gifts. But these lovely netizens cherish Wang Si Cong's live broadcast, everyone is not willing to miss the opportunity to take the money, so no one listens to him, and everyone still continues to reward behavior.

Wang Song saw that the light said that he did not move everyone, so he had to go offline. It is worth mentioning that some people also pointed out that this live broadcast is the place where Sun Yining lives. Under his tips, everyone also think this seems really a place where Sun Yining is working. Previously, Sun Yining and Wang Si also had a lot of stories, and Sun Xiaojie was also considered to be a net red that did not dare to directly refuse the priest. Now Wang Sicong ran to Sun Yining live broadcast, which also caused various speculations of the outside world.

More interesting is that Wang Song will seem to have attracted the onlookers of the actor Li Jiaming. From this screenshot, this named actor Li Jiaming has also ridiculed: "No one brugally brushes the Carnival?" It is understood that 1 carnival should be at least 3,000, and the small partner who can brush this can not More, after all, most people have a monthly salary of thousands of pieces, what is it to eat? Of course, more than 3,000 pieces of carnival may be 3 yuan in the eyes of the king, which is not surprised.

Wang Song is a famous Gao Fushuai, and he has just hosted a personal 34-year-old birthday, heroic exaggeration, Wang Song is also like a self-contained star, where is it is a melon, even live the first show Easy pick up frenzy. In the words of 1 netizen, he is also the only thing that doesn't need to brush the gift. Maybe he will set off a bigger wave next time, and look forward to the performance after the prime minister.