Zhao Zhan wheat "start" score 8.2, all-in-one acting online, the first reputation of the opening year

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Zhao Zhan wheat "start" score 8.2, all-in-one acting online, the first reputation of the opening year

2022-01-15 18:03:39 4 ℃

On January 15th, the TV series "started" opened by the TV series, Bai Jingting, Zhao Zhan wheat, also rarely a high-graphic play, is it?

Since the start of "starting", the topic has soared, and the topic of the major film and television drama listed rankings, the network broadcasts are also broadcast for 3 days, and the results are very gratifying. And with the development of the plot, you can see the popularity of the drama.

Many netizens show that the wonderful plots plus all the staff, which can be said to be the name. However, some netizens said that the drama is novel, the details are full, Zhao Jin Mai is very infectious, very strong, and each character acting is very online, this score is low.

But in general, everyone likes this drama, word of mouth is a burst. And the play is a reason to get everyone, on the one hand, the actor's acting is recognized by the audience. On the other hand, the plot of unlimited flow has also been loved by most of the audience. More importantly, there are many details in the play to satisfy the audience.

This dramatic is infinite flow mode, which is more useful for foreign film and television works, and domestic is still relatively fresh. Although there is only 15 episodes, but the beginning of the beginning is very attractive, most people are attracted by its novel themes, and they are moved by the details of the small people in the play. Although every ordinary person has an imperfect place, it is three-dimensional.

In addition, Bai Jingting and Zhao Zhanwai and other main rolers, it is impressive, and the audience is well received. Li Shi, who was played by Zhao Zhan, was very in place. There was a sense of panic in the hair, and the suffocation of the hair, and desperately struggling to disclose the despair of his eyes, helping others. It is very in place.

Like Li Shi, Xiao He Yun, from the beginning of self-rescue to "salvation", two people fight, try to stop the explosion, look for the truth. Even foresee the crisis, they still choose nothing. Even if you fail again, they don't give up, I want to save more people's lives.

In addition, the whole staff of the drama is online, like the Huang Jian who has played the driver, and the police officer, who played the police officer, etc.

I have to say that it is still very guaranteed by the drama, the quality is still very guaranteed, and the details are in place. "Opening" is really worth chasing a drama, do you start chasing?

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