Love bean in Thailand: Hard Sugar Girl 303 First, Wang Jial Third, INTO1 Fourth

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Love bean in Thailand: Hard Sugar Girl 303 First, Wang Jial Third, INTO1 Fourth

2022-01-15 18:03:14 5 ℃

Preamble: Recently, the Thai website named its "2021 in Thailand's hottest love beans", the top five were Chinese love beans contracted. Chinese star status in Thailand, like 10 years ago, South Korean star status in China. Fortunately, China issued a "Korean limit order", otherwise the Chinese love beans is difficult to compete with South Korea love beans.

Number one is hard candy girl 303, called BonBon girls in Thailand. Second is more than Sedum, in Thailand called Tony Yu; ranked third in Jackson Wang, in Thailand called Jackson Wang; fourth is INTO1, because it is the English name, so consistent; ranked fifth Oscar in Thailand called Oscar Wang.

In China many famous love beans are not on the list, such as Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo, Cai Xu Kun, Zhang Yixing, Xi Yi smelt one thousand, etc., they do not love beans do? Non-famous entertainment critic Wu Ching Gong pointed out: five men are born singer, and later Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo, Xi Yi smelt one thousand to acting mainly, and occasionally acting Zhang Yixing, Cai Xu Kun never acting.

The reason why the hard candy girl 303 came in first, because there is a team member of Thailand - Zhengnai Xin, whose members she also according to Gao Xilin Na, Zhao Yue, Wang Yi Jin, Chen Zhuoxuan, some of Liu Ning, Zhang Yi Fan. 303 is a hard candy girl by "creating Camp 2020" on July 4, 2020 Sunrise Road, that is to say, the upcoming July 4 this year disbanded.

Of course, it may not dissolve, because China has not allowed idol groups do pick up, so-called rare, hard candy girl 303 will become more popular women's team. Non-famous entertainment critic Wu Ching Gong said: Sedum than August 21, 2002 Born in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, grew up in Canada, a Canadian of Chinese descent.

In 2021, more than Sedum participate in the "Youth have your 3" became popular, the final out of the race because of personal reasons. Sedum if I do not quit, he would be "Youth have your 3" champion. Jackson Wang would not introduce more, he is also very famous in China, perhaps because he is also a member of the South Korean men's team GOT7, it is more popular in Thailand.

INTO1 through the "creation of Camp 2021" debut, the theme of the next competition is the "International Competition", so INTO1 have a lot of foreign players. INTO1 consists Liu, like many, Rikimaru, Mika, high Qing dust, most of his trains, Bo far, Zhang Yuan, Yin Haoyu, Zhou Keyu, Liu Chang. Among them, high dust Qing, Yin Haoyu all Thai people, so INTO1 popularity in Thailand is also high.

Oscar whose real name is Wang Zheng Xiong, 30 July 1998 born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 2020 participated in the "Youth have you", but not famous; 2021 participated in the "creation of Camp 2021", the final ranked 13th in the finals. Although there is no debut, but Oscar finally famous, so much attention in Thailand.

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