Li Jiaqi has fallen down, and the low-key act of the peak season will be exposed to the platform architecture.

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Li Jiaqi has fallen down, and the low-key act of the peak season will be exposed to the platform architecture.

2022-01-15 18:02:42 4 ℃

Recently, Li Jiaqi's days are not very good.

Despite many clarifications, I still have a rumor of Li Jiaqi to pay nearly 2 billion yuan, and I am open, and I will call him again, and I will die again, questioning his text game, directly asking: "Our live brother Dollarous brother dare not admit that there is any tax evasion tax? "

Professional agencies have also analyzed the traffic trend of recent leading anchors, and Li Jiaqi did not successfully harvest all traffic.

After Vishing, Li Jiaqi is very spring breeze, and the live broadcast is immediately squeezed.

A little one month has passed, "and the fell, Jiaqing eats" does not happen, there is a media statistics, this time, Li Jiaqi live traffic, found that his traffic still falls to the daily level. It is basically between two or three million.

During the big promotion, although Li Jiaqi increased overall traffic compared to the same period last year, only individual live traffic is high, other head anchors are also growing, more importantly, there have been traffic begins to gradually broadcast Transfer.

In fact, even if you don't look at these data, you will not pay attention to these professional analysis.

This is probably related to the decline in reputation of the anchor.

Li Jiaqi's Weibo has been flouring. Under the premise of continuing some attention, the surface is impeccable without any rollover behavior, the number of fans from 30.7 million to 30.68 million.

At the end of the year, the netizens discussed together, gathered together to discuss the theme of "rejecting the second trafficker", shouting the merchant criticized Li Jiaqi, etc. I finally had a comfortable New Year.

Many netizens have used their own example feedback, indicating that Li Jiaqi and others have been mixed. They have bought a more suitable product in the end of the year, and the shopping experience has risen - the physical store gift is much more, the brand is also put The price of skin care products is also played.

For Li Jiaqi once called the merchant, the lowest price will put the lowest price to his live broadcast, and netizens are still ignorant, and then turn out the screenshots to criticize.

Including the discount of Li Jiaqi inserted a handline, causing the disconnected news that the activity canceled, and it is also turned out and is a wave of vomiting.

Of course, these are all personal feelings and some netizens of netizens, can not represent all netizens, but from data feedback, Li Jiaqi's batch aquare anchor has indeed entered the development of bottlenecks. "I will not enter the boat." "when.

There are also netizens to explode, indicating that Li Jiaqi's newcomer's platform is adjusting the internal architecture, setting up three goals, one of which is to improve the user experience.

Under this broke, the two netizens' reply is also validated this broke, at least their user experience has improved, and this process is also very simple, that is, bypassing the anchor is directly facing consumers, sending a red envelope hair Voucher!

Another small explosion is also verified on the side.

Some netizens mentioned that some brands have been chaos at the end of the year, only a small part has been successfully changed to Li Jiaqi, because it is too temporary, many things have not been well, and many merchants simply active, and the isola is wrong. Next, the consumer experience is better.

It is undeniable that Li Jiaqi and other belts, the existence of goods anchor, indeed affecting some users' consumer experience, their essence harvested three-party traffic, platform, brand and consumers are paying, the platform pays traffic, the brand pays money, consumers pay time, energy And money, forming only a world that has a steady bonus.

Finally, I also want to say that we don't want to completely deny the industry's industry, just think that people do things don't be too overbearing, the missed business monopoly is the lowest price, really defeating.

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