The out of the show, Yang Du, the words of white wine, was boycotted by male netizens, and there is currently closed comments

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The out of the show, Yang Du, the words of white wine, was boycotted by male netizens, and there is currently closed comments

2022-01-15 18:03:16 5 ℃

Recently, the out of the show actor Yang Ou said white wine advertisement, once again attached to male consumers, and said that I will drink "Pu Xin", no door!

Yang Wei opened a male consumer in the offshift show, "why boy is clearly seemingly ordinary, but he can be so confident" and is condemned by male netizens. So that she has to go to her endorsement advertisement with male consumption based product merchants. When someone worried about her, Yang Wei was very free, saying that this is the surface of the Internet, it is very good, because people around you don't think so, this is enough.

In the end, it is an officer, and the mentality is super good, it has already been refined! Yang Wei also claimed to be his life is a painful comedy.

This time, Yang Wei once again endormed a white wine for men as the main consumers, it seems that it is ready to come, so how can she not know this. This is what I have a tiger to biased towards the mountain, which may have this effect! Because the best state of drinking is: others laugh at me mad, I laugh at others. This is also consistent with Yang Wei's life.

However, Yang Wei can explain her mentality in an interview: "Society to bear!"

Yang Wei was born in the countryside, and then went to Beijing to study, like most rural children, hoping to have their own place in this big city. However, when I graduated, I found that I was so small, I have to go home for a few months.

At that time, Yang Dai once inferiorly, I felt that I didn't have anything, I also cried several games. Until I met the show, she saw a hoping hope. But it is not so easy to get off the show. I want two mouths to turn on the stage. I have to like you to like you, how to talk about it. Therefore, many people can't persist, they have to waste halfway.

Yang Wei can have today's achievements, saying that she said that she took out the courage to break the boat, so that she didn't retreat. It is not something else to say that there is a meal, but you can't do it, you don't say that the show will starve. It was this determination to let Yang Wei have come today. It is also experienced these pains to let her have today's temperament.

In order to break out of the world, Yang Du once disappeared, his father hurts her, I want to give her down the house to buy a set of suburbs, but she rejected her, she didn't want to give her life to her life, because there is a house own Eat,. It seems that this is worth it.

When the people of the people, Yang Wei once again explained why did you say that, in fact, he just remembered his boyfriend, I want to ridicule him, but I am afraid of hurting his self-esteem, I have to use a man with a man, I didn't expect it. Brings yourself so much trouble. But there is no relationship, you will have a good life, and life is a practice. In fact, Yang Wei did not want to be lucky on the stage. She preferred behind the scenes, but now her condition can't be reached, I can only go all the way.

It can be seen that Yang Wei is so early than the peers, and it also has more. She has learned to put down and how to lose it for himself. I have encountered someone in the street to take pictures with her. She will fart, now she learns. When this word is exported, she has an email, it turns out that "not" can make himself so easy This is also a good life!

This endorsement is objected by male netizens. For Yang Wei, it is undoubtedly a practice. This is her own choice, we can only say this kind of steel wire! Alive always go to face these, with them, it is better to go now.