Seeing Cai Shaofen hugging Li Yugang's lens, understood the location of Hunan Satellite TV to give her to Xie Na's position

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Seeing Cai Shaofen hugging Li Yugang's lens, understood the location of Hunan Satellite TV to give her to Xie Na's position

2022-01-15 18:03:05 5 ℃

Preface: "Happy Base Camp" broadcast in Hunan Satellite TV, after 3 months, Hunan Satellite TV launched a new weekly called "Hello Saturday". Like the sponsor of the two programs, like dancing, the same time, the host is the same.

Of course, just, like a host, the other hosts have changed. The host of "Happy Camp" is He Wei, Xie Na, Li Weijia, Wu Hao, Du Haitao. "Hello Saturday" host is He Wei, Feng Yumi, Cui Lei, Yuan Shuai, and four resident portions, Zai Shaofen, Qin Xiaoxian, Wang Hezhen, Bruiji.

Feng Yu, Cui Lei, Yuan Shuai's positioning is "Internship Host", very similar to Li Haofi, Tong Zhuo, which is the previous "Happy Camp". And Cai Shaofen, Wang Hexi, Bruiji, Qin Xiaoxian is more like replacing Xie Na, Li Weijia, Bruji, Qin Xiaoxian people - waiting for Xie Na by his good friend Cai Shaofen replaced.

Although Cai Shaofen is very big (born in 1973), than Xie Na is 8 years old, but also Hong Kong people, Mandarin is not good, but Cai Shaofen has a strong sense, she is well integrated into this collective, and puts some characteristics of Xie Na Fantastic. For example: Xie Na and Wu Hao's interaction is very close, and Cai Shaofen and Feng Xi's interactions are also intimate.

Xie Na sometimes "bullied" When you can't do the guest, "bullied" Wu Hao, so that Wu Hao's exposure increased. Cai Shaofen deliberately find Feng Ji interactive, and in order to increase the interactive amount of Feng Yu. For example, Xie Na likes to interact with the male guest, even spoiled. This point Cai Shaofen learned, she spoiled Zhang Xiaolong in the show.

Of course, Cai Shaofen imitates Xie Na's most like still "揩 揩"! Xie Na often likes "揩 大" male guests, in fact, Xie Na is also learning to small S, small S is recorded in Taiwan, and like "揩 揩" male guests. Of course, Xie Na and Xiao S are not "揩 宜", but to break the embarrassing situation.

Seeing Cai Shaofen holding Li Yugang's lens in "Hello Saturday", understood that He Hunan Satellite TV made her take advantage of Xie Na's position - too image. Non-famous entertainment people Wu Qingmeng pointed out: Li Yugang was originally can't be released, but after being hugged by Cai Shaofen, it quickly put the game on the whole body.

The audience of "Happy Camp" is very deep about Xie Na, no matter who succeeds Xie Na, it is not good. Therefore, Hunan Satellite TV let Cai Shaofen succeeds Xie Na, at least Xie Na will not reject, after all, is a good friend - fat water does not flow outside. With Cai Shaofen, "Hello Saturday" is more like "Happy Camp".

Discussion: Do you think Cai Shaofen is like Xie Na?