Visit the family of Donniard Dan, usually, must not let his wife cooked, the kitchen is contracting

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Visit the family of Donniard Dan, usually, must not let his wife cooked, the kitchen is contracting

2022-01-15 18:04:02 5 ℃

Donnie Yen Cissy Wang's wife on the microblogging drying out their meals photo, husband Donnie Yen personally do delicious meal, there is not only steak Boston prawns, full of protein rich dinner, the family seems to be particularly fond of eating of seafood products.

Yen figures revealed renovated restaurant of simple luxury, with fitted prawn dishes are made with sterling silver. Donnie Yen is not only a good actor or a good man for his wife at home to do a hearty meal, really envy.

Speaking of Donnie Yen the most famous, or his martial arts action movie's circle is to have a high status with Donnie Yen in the film, usually particularly high at the box office, all ran, he went to see the movie to find martial arts .

I also can not help but think of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan compared with them, Donnie Yen's action will be more youthful, giving a powerful thrill of speed. The positive image of the movie, really memorable, and if, as No. 1 man to play a movie, he is the highlight of the whole movie.

Do not look at Donnie Yen relatively thin face, his body, but so many people envy exists. Perennial high-intensity exercise plus movie shooting, so that his muscles. Dark skin confirmed this point. In the sturdy appearance, there is a warm and friendly heart, he and his wife married for many years still sweet as ever. Family business can be described as a double harvest How many entertainment stars can be like him?

Home decoration maintained exquisite high-end modern style, the whole house special light and spacious, the floor is paved through the marble, the color is pale gray line based. Behind his wife put two pots of orchids super, it seems the couple are flower person. In jewelry, furniture and other places will have to put each child or couplets, etc., people feel especially New Year atmosphere. It is so simple and plain way of decoration, bring the whole family special low-key luxury.

Donnie Yen Chong's wife has been the topic of the entertainment business, at home Donnie Yen is reluctant to let his wife to cook, usually most of the kitchen to make their contract, while the Yen is cooking, really great man's charm . Simple way of decoration kitchen atmosphere, without too much modification, people feel special kitchen clean and tidy.

Another design of the restaurant, is a large round table, covered with a white tablecloth. Appears to be relatively tableware is more Western, Donnie Yen usually like to eat Western-style meals and so on. Decorated with fruit on a very fine cabinet, this is their attitude towards life.

This is a son together, fight together hand-building, spent a lot of time.

Donnie Yen and his wife along with daughter birthday, daughter inherited his father's good looks looks particularly sweet. Can not help but sigh, what a happy family.

Halloween pumpkin lights, it seems, kids love these props.

I did not expect a person or a special Funny, dressed in Halloween played Cos play.

Christmas tree will be placed to enhance the festive atmosphere at home.

Toilet should be the wife usually the most important places of course, is to decorate the luxurious atmosphere was worthy of the name. The entire bathroom with white and yellow feel particularly simple fashion as the main colors will make people, has a modern style.

The children's father is also the idol, and my father is his most admired star.

Family happily out vacation wife wearing Hawaiian style floral dress, great temperament.

Although busy work, but do not forget, a good life.

People always want a happy, happy, work more smoothly.