Zhao Wenzhuo new film released the first day, the box office is less than 1 million, "the brother of the thorns" is involved.

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Zhao Wenzhuo new film released the first day, the box office is less than 1 million, "the brother of the thorns" is involved.

2022-01-15 18:02:00 17 ℃

Preface: Before you go to the Spring Festival every year, there will be a big film, because Christmas file, New Year's file will have a lot of large blocks, and there will be many large blocks in the New Year's Day. So, the time of this month City is not good, even if there is a new film release, it is just some "small pieces."

On January 14, 2022, 4 new films were released, one is the Hollywood blockbuster "hacker empire 4". But because the film was released in the United States, and there was already HD resources on the Internet, so the single-day box office was only 17.1 million, and it was completely confident that "Hollywood blockbuster" is called. The starring "Northeast Tiger" is Ma Li and Zhang Yu, only 5.74 million in a single box office.

"Northeast Tiger" is a backup film, which is killing on January 29, 2019, which should be released at the end of 2019. I was dragging for so long, so I touched my air during this cold door, but I didn't expect the box office so low. There is also a cartoon "Wang Wangli Datun Grand Movie", only 3.8 million in a single box office.

The lowest new film in the single-day box office is "tattoo", only 968,000, less than 1 million. Perhaps this movie is a famous actor, so there is no viewer. But in fact, the actor of "tattoo" is Zhao Wenzhuo, the heroine is Xu Dongdong. Xu Dongdong has barely played the women's No. 1, but Zhao Wenzhuo often plays a male one.

"Tattoo" is a moving film directed by Lu Wenzhuo, starring Xu Dongdong, Li Yucheng, Sang Ping, tells the Chinese southwestern salt industry in 1935, and a series of mysterious "tattoo" patterns of clues, series Story of the western legendary past event.

Non-famous entertainment people Wu Qingmeng pointed out: "Tattoo" is a moving film, just is the strength of Zhao Wenzhuo, how can the box are so bad? Zhao Wenzhuo turned over through "Brother", therefore served as the resident guest of the Oriental Satellite TV Variety "Champion on Champion", how can no one watching the movie he starring?

In fact, the configuration of "tattoo" is more like a network big movie. If Zhao Wenzhuo doesn't have the "brother", the film will be broadcast online. The film was thought that Zhao Wenzhuo was raised, so I got the courtyard and tried it, and the box office was defeated. Zhao Wenzhuo has been playing online movies in the past few years, such as "anti-hit" "Huang Feihong's roar", "Huang Feihong's north-south hero", etc.

It's really "drought, water flooding", the same as a motor superstar, Wu Jing's schedule is ranked 2030, and Zhao Wenzhuo does not pick up the script of the school movie. Although Wu Jing did not confirm the authenticity of this picture below, there are still many movies to find Wu Jing, because it will definitely make money.

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