"God Carving Heroes": Why is Guo Fu not love "10,000 people" Yang Hao?Behind the reason is too realistic

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"God Carving Heroes": Why is Guo Fu not love "10,000 people" Yang Hao?Behind the reason is too realistic

2022-01-15 18:04:16 6 ℃

Leisure, the "God Carving Heroes" in one of the most loved classic martial arts dramas, is still being played by the ancient sky music, and the old man is too handsome. No wonder can become a full fan of the full drama.

The small dragon girl living alone, always turned into a desirable, beautiful, aunt, fairy, but he was moving, Guo Wei met Yang over, and the grand grandmaster was sprouting because he was sprouting because of his heart. Unparalleled and Cheng Ying, the pair of cousins, do not dare, only put the feelings in the bottom of the heart, only to the brothers and sisters of Yang.

These beautiful girls have a chaos because of Yang, and it is conceivable to know how great the charm of this man is.

Only Guon Fu is an exception. She is a proud martial arts from the beginning to the end. It is not only a young girl who loves to love, but also a little desperate and disdain, even in the beginning of anger. Cut a arm of Yang.

This is also one of the many readers who hate Guo Fu's reasons, too long, too tight, doing things before, it is completely a spoiled big lady image, not only without Huang Rong's teenage girl, there is no Guo Jing Strong.

"Knowing Shamiai", the junior lake will always be attracted by the beautiful woman. In turn, the handsome girl is a fatal attraction of the girl who is a good year.

Yang has inherited the external conditions of the parents' excellent genes, whether it is a beautiful appearance, or a show, there is no more than a group of sisters, but Guo Fu is hate him.

The reason is actually realistic, Guo Fu, which is excellent, is a sense of superiority. She is "the big righteousness of" Xia Zhi, for the country for the people "Guo Dai, her mother is unparalleled, and the towel does not let the yellow gang of the eyebrow.

The family is promising, and the attention of Guo Fu, the choice of Guo Fu will not only look at the appearance, but also have a home that matches her, at least not Yang Bao-like child.

Even the big and small brothers who have grown up with Guo Fuqing Mihuma, although it is easy to wait for her, it is not the ideal in Guonfu's heart, after all, the ability is general, empty, love is unable to touch the high-tech Guo Da Miss, of.

Guo Fu didn't like Yang.

Guo Fu is used to tall the big lady, accustomed to her belongings to her, encountering Yang's man, even the other instrument hall, Yushu Lin Feng, but always doing her, there is no speculative half sentence, naturally The two will gradually produce contradictions, and they are not pleasing to each other, not mutual confidant, and love each other.

Saying, not Guo Fu did not look, can't see Yang, but her choice never lives "love first" life and death, but the door in the world is the door, the scenery is glory.

Although it is a bit reality, it is a little, but it is undeniable that it is not good for the love of the sister Guo Wei. .

Even if it is finally dying, it is also to calm the parents to defend the enemy. If you don't like to die, you don't like her. There is a gust of the people, and the people who are proud of the women's hero.