Hong Jinbao: I can't afford a lot of superstars that I have a red, only one person can call.

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Hong Jinbao: I can't afford a lot of superstars that I have a red, only one person can call.

2022-01-15 18:04:48 12 ℃

There are many stars in the entertainment circle, but everyone feels less and less than those dedicated actors. There are also many categories of the movie, but the quality of the movie is really a phoenix, it is difficult to find a few. Now everyone began to miss the previous movie, although there is less movie type, most of them are moving film, but the quality is high, everyone has visual enjoyment.

When I said the moving film at the time, everyone will certainly think of the martial arts at that time. Like a dragon, Hong Jinbao and Yuan Biao is a well-known action actor, especially Hong Jinbao. He is a very legendary figure, and his elders have a person who speaks, so he started to contact the play, playing a lot of classic works, may now look less.

When Hong Jinbao is famous, he is not only an actor, or a director, there is a Hongjiaban, which has cultivated a lot of action actors. Also holding red countless stars, but the old Hong Jinbao is self-ridiculous, and now, many superstors can come up, and the people who have a red, although there are many people, but these people have become well-known actors, and they have a big price. Don't move. However, someone can call, and the identity of that person is not simple.

This person is Liu Dehua, his relationship with Hong Jinbao is very good. Although Liu Dehua is not a person in the Hongjia class, he and the origin between Hong Jinbao is very deep. The company, who is the most signed by Andya, is Shore company, but the company has been consumed by him, and he has helped him to resist his company, and the result was blocked. At this time, Liu Dehua is a hot lady, no one dares with what is related to him.

Liu Dehua's career has been greatly hit. It is time for a while. It will not be able to mix in the entertainment industry for a long time. Hong Jinbao also considered a big 佬 in the circle, and there is a stable resource, and some work will be taken. Because Liu Dehua itself is not bad, Hong Jinbao is willing to give him this opportunity.

Liu Dehua, if there is no Hao Jinbao's help, he may have regretted the ring. Fortunately, Hong Jinbao's devotion, helping Liu Dehua over this difficult relationship. Andy Lau is also very grateful. He is a very kind person, as long as he is helping him, he will do our best to repay. Liu Dehua would be unfortunately known as the artist of Deyi Shuangxin, and what he did is indeed very admiring.

After Hong Jinbao helped him, this kind of love he has been remembering. If Hong Jinbao wants to find him, Liu Dehua will advice, will not push. Because it is not Hong Jinbao that year, there is no current Lau. Liu Dehua perfectly explained the word "Zhi Enji", now Hong Jinbao is old, the body is not very good, Liu Dehua is still visiting him from time to time.

With your own actions, I am very adequate to this benefactor, and Liu Dehua's practices have also admired the industry. In fact, the entertainment circle is happy to help the predecessors, but it is not everyone who is helped knows thanks. Zhou Xingchi has helped a lot of people, but some people will be enemies, but also step on Zhou Xing, so this is really excessive. After you know these things, I know that Liu Dehua's spirit is more rare. The circle of this entertainment circle is more chaotic, but he can keep such an initial heart, it is worth more people to learn from him.