Oriental Satellite TV Spring Festival Evening Recent Route Exposure: Tang Yan cross-border hosted, Zhang Yuxi partner Song Xiaobao

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Oriental Satellite TV Spring Festival Evening Recent Route Exposure: Tang Yan cross-border hosted, Zhang Yuxi partner Song Xiaobao

2022-01-15 18:02:53 4 ℃

The Spring Festival of 2022 is coming, and the big satellite evening is also ready.

On January 15th, the online exposure of the Eastern Satellite TV Spring Festival Evening rehearsal, Zhang Yuxi, Song Xiaobao, Tang Wei, Xie Na, Zhang Jie, Li Yuchun and other artists appeared, triggered netizens.

It is reported that in 2022, the east Satellite TV Spring Festival Evening host has eight, respectively: Cao Shuifan, Wang Guan, Chen Chen, Lin Hai, Siwenjia, Feng Lin, Tang Wei and Ding Yun, can see that this year's Dongfang TV Spring Festival Evening is quite luxurious .

And the first few are the host of the East Taiwan, everyone's business capabilities are very outstanding. What is the most surprised? Tang Yan and Ding Yu, two are actors, is this challenge cross-border host?

Previously, the crown shared with Tang Yuxian in the social platform, and his text: "These days and Tang Wei work together, happy, warm heart." The Tang Wei in the photo is wearing a red coat, and the head is mixed with the air. The picture is very eye-catching.

It is understood that Tang Wei participated in the recording of Dongfang Satellite TV 2022 Spring Festival Evening, and also brought by the host's identity, it is expected. Although it is a cross-border, Tang Wei and a good girlfriend are equally a more tacit.

In addition to hosting the lineup, everyone is most concerned about the guests. A few days ago, there were netizens to make Xie Na and Zhang Jie's picture, Xie Na wearing white and shoulder princess skirt, smiled very happy. Zhang Jie took the wife to focus on his wife, and the husband and wife waited for a long time, and the picture was warm and sweet.

It is understood that Xie Na Zhang Jie will sing a new song "small kite". This song is Xie Na to give the daughter's song. Zhang Jie also serves as a song producer and singing, and the picture in MV is a pretty picture, a family Very love. This time, Zhang Jie and Xie Na's long-violated body performance, fans also expect this.

In addition, there is also a collaboration in Zhang Yuxi and Song Xiaobao. In the photo, Song Xiaobao wore a small red hat, a landmark dress, Zhang Yuxi also put on the flower cotton jacket, and there was a country love in the country. The cooperation between the two people can say that it is very expected. I don't know how the cross-border challenge is a wonderful performance.

In addition to these artists, there are Li Yuchun, Da Zhang Wei, Zhou Shen, etc., lineup is very expected. Looking forward to this year's Oriental TV Spring Festival Evening can give the audience more surprises! Who do you most expected? Welcome to leave a message sharing!

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