He is a national first-level actor, 46 years old, two married, a small 37-year-old wife, this is 73 years old

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He is a national first-level actor, 46 years old, two married, a small 37-year-old wife, this is 73 years old

2022-01-15 18:03:52 5 ℃

Old play bones are in many people's hearts, they are some artists who have created many classic characters. These artists are not recognized by others with color values ​​and operations. They are all kinds of unknown hard work, and they will conquer the audience with their own acting. Wang Kuirong presented or loyal or loyal or evil, or a multi-faceted image of the audience. From the "Western Police", "Gold Anti-private Team" in the "Brainy Heart", "Brave Heart", "Brave Heart", "The Dog Stick", the three masters, the Maizi ... Every character is shaped, there is blood, plump three-dimensional, Leave a deep impression on the audience.

Wang Kuirong graduated from the Central Drama Academy and is a national first-class actor. In 1986, Wang Kuirong, who entered the Central Drama Academy, and he was the largest student in the class. At that time, he was 40 years old. After graduating from the Central Drama Academy, Wang Kuirong was divided into the Children's Artistic Troupe. In 1992, the first participation of the TV series "Love You did not discuss", showing a husband who is big and a big noisy, thus winning the "Spring Yan Cup" Best Male Activity Award.

Although Wang Kuirong began to deal with the 46th, his superman's acting quickly got a recognition of the vast audience. The type of anti-sent, "playing dog sticks" center, the spicy, the spicy, each person, can give people a very deep image, his acting is very exciting, called the old play bones are also well deserved.

For this admirable old skull. Today he has been 73 years old. Although the age is so big, it is very responsible for his work. Especially the dangerous movements are in person, never need to be substitute, and his feelings are also enviable. I didn't expect the second marriage and encountered true love. This wife has been concealed for 5 years. It turned out that the beautiful actor we were familiar with. The main thing is that he is still 37 years old. It can be said that it is a few generations, and it must be true love.