How much "expensive" is Huo Jianhua and Lin Xinru's marriage?Marry powder, frequent divorce, resources are no longer

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How much "expensive" is Huo Jianhua and Lin Xinru's marriage?Marry powder, frequent divorce, resources are no longer

2022-01-15 18:04:17 11 ℃

On January 12, Lin Xinru and Huo Jianhua En love body;

Take 50,000 Taiwan coins for the baby daughter together, the next parent-child restaurant, the giving birthday banquet.

On the same day, 45 years old Lin Xin as, turned a light makeup, showing the beauty of Yamei.

She holds a 5-year-old little dolphin and loves full.

Huo Jianhua is a baseball cap and looks at them.

On the day of the birthday banquet, the low-key Lin Xinru, only invited the daughter's friends and their relatives and friends.

The banquet is toned, and there are many colorful balloons and feel full.

The whole party, looks low-key and warm.

Speaking of Huo Jianhua and Lin Xinru, it can be described as a three fold.


In 1976, Lin Xinru was born in Taipei, Taiwan, 3 years old than Hojuhua.

At the age of 17, she as a model identity.

After that, at the age of 22, she became popular in the corner of Ziwei in 1998.

Huo Jianhua will wait until 6 years, only rely on "the first" in the world.

In 2005, Lin Xinru with Huo Jianhua, starring the love drama "underground iron".

Hao Jianhua, 26, saw lively, cheerful, beautiful forest heart, has long been emptied.

Why, my own career, still in the starting stage, my inferior, I can't confess.

Lin Xin is like Huo Jianhua, always flattened, and he is thinking:

What is this person?

In fact, she doesn't know, it is because Huo Jianhua is too directed, it is shy.

Huo Jianhua from the small long in divorced family, because he is very good, so he has always likes mature women.

At the time of the other, the famous forest heart is as good as it is very beautiful, but the charm of it is spread, it is deeply attracted to Huo Jianhua.

Lin Xin as here, since he breaks up with Lin Zhiying, it is also in the variety show:

"I like mature, steady men."

Huo Jianhua at that time, in her eyes, but only a little boys.

Therefore, their first cooperation did not produce sparks.


10 years later, when they met, they were new and each other.

Lin Xinru passed the "Beauty", "Three Kingdoms", got rid of the "Qiong Yao Girl" to the binding, successfully transformed.

Since then, she set up her own studio, incarnation of the producer, the boss, and immediately board the peak of the cause.

In 2014, the movie "81" starring her starring her is a record of ten records such as the highest box office of domestic thriller.

In the same year, she has obtained the 50th Taiwan TV Call Zhong Awards Drama Prize.

Huo Jianhua, these 10 years have not been idle.

In June 2009, Xu Changqing, who was "three" in the privilege drama, was officially popular in the Mainland.

Then the "Emperor", "War Changsha", "Flower Children", "Female Medicine, Mingzi Chuan", etc., is a reputation and ratings.

Among them, after the "Battle of Changsha" broadcast, the modern revolutionary history poetry drama became the annual list of Douban movie, the highest score was the highest;

The total amount of "flowers and thousands of bones" exceeded 20 billion, and became the first network to play a 10 billion TV series.

Huo Jianhua became a well-deserved, acting, and traffic.

In addition to the career, the two are tired;

In life, after 10 years, they have become better yourself.


Lin Xinru experienced, the cause of the cause, and the fraction of love faded the anxiety, impetuous.

She is no longer anxious to have a good role, it is no longer the little girl who needs to be in love and seek protection.

She is degraded into a separate, mature woman.

"Although I am very eager to love, but I believe that before getting love, you have to have a very complete and independent personality.

This way, boys will appreciate you more. And even if you fall in love, I am not an accessory of boys. "

From the front direction Huo Jianhua, he also placed his mind in this decade, and worked together to polish the acting.

In addition to the necessary propaganda, he does not play Weibo and does not participate in the variety.

Li Jing is in "very quiet distance", once two interviews Huo Jianhua.

In the second interview, Li Jing said very curious: "You suddenly become a special foreign person?"

Huo Jianhua said yes, I used to be self-closing because of the reasons of the family.

"And, I am very happy, I am going to have more understanding now, I know people can't please anyone.

So, I will now be responsible for a person, it is myself. "

At 2 o'clock in the morning of September 9, 2015, Lin Xin went to the toilet at home, and then sent to the hospital for 2 hours of surgery, sewing 10 needles.

After Huo Jianhua, he flew back to Taiwan.

In this way, 10 years later, the two are just single, and it has just grown into each other.

On May 20, 2016, Lin Xinru with Huo Jianhua acknowledged his relationship.

In the same year, they held a wedding in Bali.

On January 6th, Lin Xinru, was produced in Taiwan's "small dolphin".

Since then, Huo Jianhua has gradually retired, and the family is boiled.

Ten years of friend repairs lovers, this is quite romantic.

However, there are many voices that have a lot of opposition.


When Huo Jianhua is married, his studio Weibo fell fans; after a certain program, a guest in Taiwan was in the plane, straightforward:

Huo Jianhua and Lin Xinru, I have long been divorced.

Scared the host Wu Zongxian, and hurry to play a circle.

After that, Zhou Jie countered Lin Xin as "tongue kisses".

Since then, "Lin Xin is not worthy of Huo Jianhua" has more and more.

During this time, the Taiwanese media is more frequent, and their wedding rumors, photos of the street quarrel.

The gossip is getting stronger, resulting in many people think that they will divorce soon.

Until, the role of Huo Jianhua passenger strings appeared in the "Hua Lan" created this year.

Lin Xin is still in the social platform, grateful Huo Jianhua, and many talents began to face their marriage.

Many people have always feel that their marriage has no feelings.

However, experienced Zhou Jie incident, all kinds of gossip, two people still love;

Many views began to understand: they have feelings between them.

Otherwise, after so many things, why Huo Jianhua is still willing to work, do Lin Xinru's stronger backing?