Don't think more, save Cui Ni, the only purpose of the matrix restart

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Don't think more, save Cui Ni, the only purpose of the matrix restart

2022-01-15 18:03:29 4 ℃

"Hacker Empire · Matrix Restart" special mask is really good, wearing this mask can freely switch between the matrix world and the real world. Of course, this is just a very fantasy of some senior matrix, if the expectation of the movie is like the expectation of this mask, this film may not suit you.

If you are still pursuing strong brain stimulus, this sequel may make you sad. The top three movies have completed the architecture. This movie does not have a box need. If so, is it a hacker empire? I want to say that Nio saves Cui Nii is the only purpose of the matrix restart. This movie is mainly reflected in the human true love.

In other words, this is just a marriage story in the matrix world. In the chaos of numbers and real world, how to identify their true situation, Neo is already awkward, will Cui Niti still fierce as before?

In the third movie of the hacker empire, Nio seems to have sacrificed. However, due to complex world dimensions, he may still survive in another matrix, he has become a milled twenty-year-old Thomas Ande. Ande is a game designer, his greatest design is this matrix. How, seeing this is a feeling of being in the middle of the bureau.

This game is successful because some content is the story of his real life. He even allows people around him to think that he has mental illness. He is going to find an unknown doctor to see a doctor, take blue pill. This pill will make him temporarily escape from the world of violence.

Ande Sheng did not stop the confrontation of the matrix behind him, which is a bit like what happened in the real world. "Hacker Empire" has had a film plan that replaces Warosky, and plans to starring Michael B · Jordan. Two years later, the Plan changed, Laa Warzji took the original class of Return Matrix.

Warosky used many lenses in the first part of the "Hacker Empire", tried to let Nio recovered his memory throughout the adventure. Ande son allows some mysterious people to get rid of the world's control of his brain design, which makes the audience to switch when switching between different worlds.

Finally, we and Nio in the world of "real", see those survivors who have blood meat learn the machine cooperation with them once confronted. This community is far from the surface, after the left of Nio, it is still floating.

Although there are a few familiar faces, Nio's most important colleagues are some new faces from matrix, although in the decoration of sunglasses, it seems to have a feeling of recognition.

Kerry An Moss occupied the visual location of the movie poster, but she returned to Cui Nitti did spend a long time. She has also been reproduced, and the fictional life has become a cage that traps her. Machine gun, flying robot, viscous pool, this is the scene of Nio and Cui Ni, in her world, she has become a married woman Tiffany, has their own children and husband, matrix or even cause Reflections on people 's ethics level.

Save Cui Niti's main task of movies, we don't have to entangle too much from the virtual world of burning brain. With the progress of this task, Water Branch takes us to review the people in the initial trilog. This kind of rebuilding may be released.

As for the action play, it is still a word, cool, even if you haven't seen the "hack of the Empire" before. The residents of the Matrix World will become a brain attacker, which is a bit like a zombie film. The time of the bullet is extremely slow, which is not a movie experiment, but a way to tap the matrix world air.

"Matrix restart" left a lot of things that did not explain, as a movie it would refer to a large number of real-world life, this symbolic expression of benevolences see the benevolence, wise people witnessed. If you have seen it several times before you read it, then this movie is also more and more taste.