15 million expensive women?Zeng Zhiwei was cured by the daughter-in-law, the Blue Jieyu event or was taken out

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15 million expensive women?Zeng Zhiwei was cured by the daughter-in-law, the Blue Jieyu event or was taken out

2022-01-15 18:04:43 15 ℃

Zeng Zhiwei's family is over 100 million, but I have revealed the old bottom, and I lost my face. Why is the Blue Jie's incident become a controversial focus?

Zeng Zhiwei clearly said that he would make a lot of money to produce all the money, and a penny will not leave himself in his life, and even if this is the case, several children of Zeng Zhiwei also have several children. Sufficient ability to feed yourself. The big son has become a famous director in the circle, and the daughter is a new host in the entertainment circle. I didn't think of my own children's children, and the child was standing up and revealed the old bottom of Zeng Zhiwei.

After the interview video of Lan Jie, many people point to Zeng Zhiwei, and thought that he was forced to die, the culprit of the blue, and it was already a criminal, and even the door did not go. Zeng Zhiwei is an urgent Broken, in order to keep your own reputation, he gave his 60-year-old life, but also invited a well-known movie star in the circle, but also wanted to clean himself with this opportunity.

However, I didn't think that Zhang Kezhen was directly buckled with a scorpion. The Blue Jie's incident became the focus of all the attention. When the 60-year-old birthday banquet, Zeng Zhiwei's daughter-in-law Zhang Yihui not only drinked, play mad And also said that his father has countless romantic events outside. One of this thing, immediately let people contact the things you broke out of the year, and even some people guess that Zhang Kezhen said that this is the blue neighborhood of the connotation.

Although Zeng Zhiwei kicked Zhang Kezhen, Zhang Kezhen broke the news on the social media platform. The things that he had bursted his home can be described as unrestricted. Let the whole home have lost their faces, successfully turned into a wonderful wife. Many netizens believe that Zeng Zhiwei should be the real murderer of the death, Blue Jie, Zhang Keyi should be a knew of his daughter-in-law, so I dare to give my own father-in-law, otherwise it has already been Go down the news, you can only explain that Zhang You have his handle.

There are also netizens who think this is that the wicked self have a wicked, and Zeng Zhiwei has not done the things in the past, and now it has become the wicked people in all the eyes. After all, the daughter-in-law broke the news, this is what he didn't have bad things. Retribution. Do you think is the relationship between Blue Jieyu and Zeng Zhiwei?