Shen Teng rare old photos!Wearing the Republic of China to implement the survival of the survival, the handsome is straight to Yang Yang.

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Shen Teng rare old photos!Wearing the Republic of China to implement the survival of the survival, the handsome is straight to Yang Yang.

2022-01-18 00:04:07 56 ℃

Recently, some netizens have made a few moving pictures of Shen Teng. These photos immediately attracted a lot of hot discussion. I didn't expect that Shen Teng was so handsome, and the photo was in the military uniform, very spiritual, clean The old back, quite a few points of cream's taste, and it is also worthy of praise. When the back is straight, when the young girl in the Beijing drama, several actions full of Susk, looked like this Shen Teng, who is now today, it is really a "year old," the pig feed ".

In fact, in the previous interview, Shen Teng broke the news, he called himself to be military school grass. When you were young, he was completely two people. The old photos were deeply eyebrows, and the face was smooth, and they wore a black body. Round neck shirt, dressing quite refreshing, another one is wearing pure white sweater, a little bit of Liu Hai in front, hands holding his hands, one of them holding a fan, completely The evaluation of Shangyu Tree is not better than the current fresh flesh, which is also the same as the Yangyang ratio called the school.

But compared to school graves Shenteng, everyone is still more familiar with the current Shen Shu, with the role of "Hao Jian" in the Spring Festival, successful, so that the national audience met such an excellent comedian, then "summer Lotthal "," Xibao's Rich "," Crazy Alien "and other excellent movies, but also push his career into the peak, in the" ace, the king "variety, Shen Teng is more The presence of the column, a mouth is a laugh point, or even sometimes don't speak, the light is standing there, you can tease the audience. Haha laugh, comedy talent is too strong.

However, Shen Teng has also been dissatisfied with his own body. I have moved my thoughts. I practiced yoga for a while. In the photos in the exposure, I will be very serious, sweat will soaked yoga. The upper body wearing a gray low-collar yoga troops are used to how with pink, so they have some women, the pants are set with top, but the elasticity is very large, the style is relatively loose, convenient to do each Action. Shen Teng practice yoga to lose weight? Wearing a woman in yoga is really ashamed, the single leg is standing more than a female survival standard

Shen Teng took a piece of white towel in his waist, convenient to sweat, the legs were sitting on the yoga mat, both hands closed, the expression is very focused, the head is full of sweat, Liu Hai looks wet, except the simplest In addition to the exercise of the leg, Shen Teng also tried the posture of the single leg, and the legs stretched straight, a legs stood up, this action was very high, but Shen Teng completed very well. It is excellent in the case of a girl girl.

More funny is later in the interview, Shen Teng wearing a small standing blue shirt with black casual pants, slimming many, talking about yoga exercises, rare to show shy expressions, spitting the pants wearing at the time Ms., attracted the netizens' ridiculous laughter, and even fans ridiculous: Since the time, this is equivalent to Shen Shu's uncle wear women's clothing. It's really fun.